One Hundred Ways to Become a God Chapter 25 Part 4/4

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He Yan sighed. He put aside his inner doubts and began to pay attention to his present situation.

He Yan resigned himself to browse over this world’s information in his mind. His face immediately and involuntarily turned black.

This was a very strange world. Gender was no longer divided by male and female, but relied on pheromones to classify into three types: alpha, beta, and omega.

Alphas accounted for 15% of the total population, betas exceeded 75%, and omega only accounted for 10%.

Alphas were this world’s most powerful existence. They had excellent physical and mental strength. They were strong and aggressive and stood at the top of the pyramid in this world.

Betas were weaker than alphas in all respects. In fact, their physical fitness and mental strength were average. But because there were a lot of them, they were the main component of this world’s human race.

Finally, omegas were the smallest population. They were very weak. Their physical strength was far worse than betas. Their mental strength was slightly higher than betas. Most of them had beautiful faces, weak personalities, and sensitive spiritualities. They had the special care and attention of the government and society. Adults mostly married alphas and were raised at home. They rarely came out to work.

This weak species had not been eliminated but was actually protected because omegas had a high fertility rate in this world with a low-fertility rate. There was a high probability for an alpha and omega to have a child. In comparison, betas also had a high fertility rate, but the probability of conception was not high. The vast majority born were mediocre betas.

In addition, adult alphas and omegas had a fixed period of estrus. They needed each other whether it was for physical or psychological needs. Omegas would also become subservient to their marked alphas.

It could be said that alphas were natural predators and omegas were the prey.

The body He Yan was in this time was an omega. He was a weak omega who was about to enter estrus.


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