One Hundred Ways to Become a God Chapter 25 Part 3/4

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A shrill electronic voice sounded in his ear. “Detecting spiritual power instability. Forcefully disconnecting the optical network link!”

When he heard “spiritual power,” He Yan thought that he was back to the real world. But the information that flooded into his brain the next second disabused him of that notion.

It seemed that he came to a completely unfamiliar world once again.

He Yan felt his spiritual sea. Sure enough, he discovered that a small part had been restored to its original form and it was the same as what he saw in the mysterious space.

If he guessed correctly, when his spiritual sea was destroyed, his spiritual body entered a special cycle. When each cycle ended, part of the destroyed spiritual sea would be restored.

His spiritual sea was crushed in the asteroid belt.

High-density meteorite debris and dead stars floated in the asteroid belt. The stars usually revolved at a high speed. The majority of spacecrafts and starships could not escape the fate of being detonated into pieces. Thus, it had been dubbed the “Moving Cemetery.” Once a starship came here, a wildly flying meteorite could smash one to death without paying attention.

He Yan was being pursued by the enemy and was desperate. He used his spiritual power to the extreme and managed to control the huge ship to dodge the numerous meteorites. When he had 6% of power remaining in the starship, he finally landed the starship safely.

6% of power shut down all functions except maintaining a single person’s nutrition for seventy-two hours. If his team returned to base, they could immediately track his warship’s position and he would still have a hope of survival.

Unfortunately, there was a strangely powerful spiritual power person among his pursuing enemies. He crushed He Yan’s spiritual sea with a distance of several thousand meters and through a meteorite magnetic field.

He Yan himself had a 3S level of spiritual power. It was not an exaggeration to say that the person who destroyed his spiritual sea that day was at least ten times stronger than him!

Probably only those fictional gods in stories in the network had such terrifying power.


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