One Hundred Ways to Become a God Chapter 25 Part 2/4

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The moment that He Yan saw his palms, he knew that this wasn’t the real world. His palms were transparent, the edges of his body gave off a faint light, and his body floated weightlessly.

This was a dark and vast space. Shining objects in the distance floated. He was surrounded by an ocean of starry debris. It was very quiet and beautiful in the dark space.

This was his spiritual sea.

Would people see their spiritual sea after death?

He Yan pondered uncertainly.

He died a natural death in his second life. Like most lovers in the world, he and Mo Yitao passed the rest of their lives peacefully. They adopted a child with the similar background as him from a side branch of the Mo family in their middle age to inherit Mo family. When they reached an old age, their age difference inevitably led to Mo Yitao dying before him by a few years. After he wasted a few years alone, his life also ended due to natural causes.

The past flashed by in his mind like a revolving door. He Yan reached out his hand in the haze. When his fingertip touched a fragment of spiritual sea, that fragment flashed a soft light. The light shimmered and enveloped a few more pieces of fragments.

He Yan withdrew his hand. To his surprise, he discovered that after the light dissipated, the fragments melted and became a sparkling wisp of smoke.

This was his spiritual sea’s original form before it shattered.

The spiritual sea that was originally crushed was actually slowly recovering. Although the recovered part was small, he still saw hope.

He reached out to touch other fragments of his spiritual sea, but nothing happened.

After thinking for a while, He Yan made a guess. The spiritual sea was recovering probably due to absorbing some spiritual energy effect. And this enegery was something that he had just received.

Naturally, He Yan was just thinking about his previous life. A bold speculation appeared in his heart. Could it be……

At this moment, his consciousness became faint. A strong gravitational force pulled him into the shattered spiritual sea. His transparent body was like sand in fingertips and gradually disappeared into nothingness.

Only the fragments of spiritual sea were quietly floating.

He Yan opened his eyes as he experienced a long and vague dream.


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