One Hundred Ways to Become a God Chapter 14 Part 4/4

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After the auction, the formal dinner party began. Crooks mixed in with the honest folks at this dinner. Not only the city’s powerful and wealthy families were here, but also many celebrities who hoped to find a rich and powerful financial backer from the high-society. This was the reason why Mo Yitao didn’t bring the teenager with him. He didn’t want the teen to be in contact with these dirty things prematurely.

Mo patriarch originally lacked interest in these sorts of things. Plus, his family now had a little cutie (?). Mo patriarch’s heart was speeding towards home even more. He drank a glass of red wine and went to retrieve the diamond that was just photographed from the host. He prepared to leave.

At this time, a woman wearing a long dress stopped in front of him. She smiled elegantly and sweetly, “Why is Mo gege leaving so soon?”

Why was it this woman again?!

Hearing that sweet “Mo gege,” Mo Yitao couldn’t help but frown. His attitude at that banquet should have been very clear. This person was still playing a fool and approaching him. It was really annoying. But this woman still delicately and softly entangled him. At first, he didn’t want to shed all pretense of cordiality in a crowded party. But he didn’t expect that this person completely did not know how to read faces and wanted to be close to him. His heart grew more irritated and burned with anger.

After the third time he brushed off the woman’s hand that was trying to grab his arm, Mo Yitao finally reacted and realized what was wrong. He felt a faint stirring in that place. His face sunk.

The He Yan who hacked into the party’s monitoring system due to boredom at home and conveniently looked for Mo patriarch: “…………………”

[TL Note: Uh-oh. Trouble brewing in the air 😬]


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