One Hundred Ways to Become a God Chapter 14 Part 2/4

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At that time, his adopted father had not taken over Mo Corporation. He couldn’t possibly compete with Mo Laoye. In order to not have his lover be hurt more, he eventually chose to submit to Mo Laoye. He obediently became engaged to a woman of a suitable background that Mo Laoye chose. However, once he took control of Mo Corporation, he immediately broke off the engagement and relations with Mo Laoye.

Mo Laoye had very traditional, old-school concepts of family lineage. Otherwise, he would not have his only son inherit the family business. In order to take revenge on Mo Laoye, Mo Yitao’s adopted father never married and never had children. He completely cut off Mo family’s bloodline. He finally died from a sudden heart attack in his middle age.

The existence of Mo Yitao, an adopted son, was a form of revenge against Mo Laoye. So the two’s relationship naturally wasn’t all that great. Besides, Mo Laoye’s authority was stripped when his son was alive. Therefore, other than the times when he gave Mo Laoye a little face and respect in front of other Mo family members, he had always treated him as air.

It was just that Mo Laoye was not aware of the reality. At such an old age, he still wanted to stir up trouble and have Mo Yitao marry a Mo woman. Perhaps he thought that this way, the next generation would have some Mo blood?

No matter what Mo Laoye was planning, Mo Yitao was not in the mood to cooperate with him.


Under Mo Yitao’s meticulous and expensive conditioning, after half a year, Mo Qi grew to eighteen years old. His body had finally and gradually become healthy. Not only was the poison completely treated, but his constitution had been strengthened more than before. Of course, Mo patriarch did not know that some of this was due to He Yan’s spiritual power.

When he first arrived in this world, He Yan’s spiritual sea was almost empty. He cured Mo Qi’s poisoned eyes with great difficulties. But with time, his mental strength gradually recovered. He also had energy left over to improve this body’s constitution. After all, he didn’t want to drag a glass doll-like body around for the rest of his life.


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