One Hundred Ways to Become a God Chapter 14 Part 1/4

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After a brief family feast, everyone there was more or less aware of Mo patriarch’s even more absent-minded attitude. Although Mo Yitao was never close to those pretty young ladies before, he had never been like this. He was so cold to the point that it almost embarrassed people.

Actually Mo Laoye more than once hinted to Mo patriarch and that very praised Miss Mo that he should be in touch with her. But this time, Mo Yitao wasn’t willing to give face even to Mo Laoye. He hardly answered him. The young ladies in prominent families more or less had arrogant personalities. Facing such cold treatment, even the Miss Mo who wanted to please couldn’t keep her chin up. Her eyes even filled with tears and she excused herself to use the restroom.

Everyone secretly observed Mo Laoye. The elderly man had the same kindly expression on. He smiled and couldn’t observe anything.

After the family feast, Mo Laoye’s face immediately turned gloomy. He called the Mo Yitao who was about to go upstairs. He said heavily, “Yitao, how you want to play in private is your business. But I hope you can weigh what is important and not important and don’t overdo it. That girl just now was pretty good. If you’re not satisfied, you can consider from outside the family.”

Mo Yitao seemed like he heard something funny. A trace of ridicule crossed his face. “You don’t need to worry about my business. After all, you don’t have the right to tell me what to do.” He carelessly loosened his tie. “If you try to manage me too much, I will wonder whether I’m treating you too well. I think if my father was alive, he certainly wouldn’t mind if I send you to a nursing home in the next city. The facilities are very good there. You will definitely be satisfied.”

Mo Laoye heard that he mentioned his only deceased son. He suddenly began to tremble. He raised his quivering hand and pointed at Mo Yitao. He panted, “You… you…”

The cup next to his hand was accidentally knocked over. The shrill sound of it breaking as it hit the ground sounded. But the servants who stood by were silent as chickens. No one moved to pick it up.

Mo Yitao went up the stairs, unperturbed. He left the red-with-anger Mo Laoye sitting alone on the sofa downstairs.

He deliberately brought up his adopted father to anger Mo Laoye.

Although Mo Laoye was quite romantically promiscuous when he was young, he didn’t have many children. He only had Mo Yitao’s adopted father even into his middle age. He naturally put all of his hopes onto this only child.

Mo Yitao’s adopted father was going to marry a woman with no family background. Mo Laoye viewed family aristocracy very heavily. He naturally could not agree to this marriage. He used his son’s inheritance to force the two people to break up. But he did not expect his only son to be tougher than him. He gave up his right to be heir to marry the woman he loved. In his fury, Mo Laoye manufactured a car accident. Although his adopted father’s lover did not lie, she lost a leg.


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