One Hundred Ways to Become a God Chapter 13 Part 4/4

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She was originally proud that she could sit at the main table and secretly gloated over those lowly wenches who were jealous of and always competing with her. But very soon, her complacency was cooled by Mo Yitao’s indifferent attitude.

At the table, her mother mentioned her several times. And Mo Laoye seemed to be very satisfied with her and praised her highly. But Mo Yitao was the same as before. He had no intentions of participating in the conversation. He was indifferently and lazily eating. He didn’t even spare her a peripheral glance.

Thinking of the rumors that Mo patriarch recently took in a boy to live in the Mo ancestral house, her heart tightened.

It was fine… Mo Yitao was like this to everybody. She was already used to it. Anyway, other than her, no one could be the Mo matriarch. He was only temporarily playing with the boy. She was sure that in the end, a wise man like the Mo patriarch would make the most advantageous choice for himself.

Her comforting herself made her mood calm down. But not a few minutes later, she heard Mo Yitao’s phone ring from a text message. Mo Yitao uncharacteristically quickly pulled out his phone. As he was texting, he revealed a light smile.

Indignation collided with embarrassment. For a moment, she couldn’t hold the glass in her hand steady. The glass fell onto the table. The bright red wine in the glass spilled along the table onto her delicate skirt.

“Aiya…” Everyone at the table became restless at this small disturbance. Everyone looked at her with all sorts of gazes. Only the Mo patriarch who was sitting at the main seat did not notice this commotion. He returned a text message to someone without lifting his head.

“Gege, I’m very bored by myself.”

“Be good. It’s about to end. As soon as it’s over, I will come to accompany you. Do you want to build a snowman later?”

“Okay. Muah~”

Mo patriarch: !


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