One Hundred Ways to Become a God Chapter 13 Part 3/4

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The things she thought of, the wealthy woman next to her naturally could too. But she behaved more calmly than her daughter. After a moment of surprise, she gently wrapped an arm around her daughter’s waist. She slightly smiled as she met everyone’s questioning gazes at the table. She said in a low voice to her daughter, “Don’t think so much. These things are not something we should meddle in.”

The girl came to her senses. She hurriedly covered up her expression that lost control. She exchanged a brief, but meaningful glance with her mother. Then she changed back to the delicate and elegant daughter.

Her mother was right. Their family was one of the numerous inconspicuous Mo family side branches. The possibility of her taking the position of Mo matriarch wasn’t high. Moreover, she felt that she was unworthy of Mo Yitao. Regarding the matter that Mo patriarch found a boy to be his lover, it was better for those who desired the position of Mo matriarch to worry about.

She was an intelligent person. She could tell from Butler Zhang’s behavior that the boy’s status in the Mo family was not low. At least, it was higher than some people thought.

Thinking of the women in her family who dreamt of marrying Mo Yitao and the women who even “competed” amongst themselves, she couldn’t help but gloat and take joy in Schadenfreude a little. If the group of young ladies with eyes on the tops of their heads found out that their positions in the Mo family couldn’t even compare to a boy, would their noses be crooked from anger?

With this in mind, she had some subtle fondness for this teenager that she had never met.

Other than her who had nothing better to do but look around, no one at their table seemed to have noticed the butler’s movements. The girl casually looked around at everyone. She used a napkin to hide her mouth. Her mood improved by many levels.

But compared to her joy, some people weren’t in as good a mood.

For example, because her family’s branch developed well, Miss Mo crowded around the main table with her family.

When Mo Yitao first took over, her family wasn’t like those shallow people with no foresight and they didn’t make trouble for him. Therefore, her family was the most favored by Mo Yitao. And because her father’s work was outstanding, he was very valued by Mo Yitao. So she had long thought in her heart that if someone was going to be the Mo matriarch, the position would surely belong to her.


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