One Hundred Ways to Become a God Chapter 13 Part 2/4

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The Drawing Room Downstairs

The main branch of the Mo family was small. There was only Mo Laoye [old gentleman] and the current Mo patriarch. But the side branches were flourishing. Even If only the more important people attended this feast, there was still seven or eight tables full of them. They took up more than half of the space in the drawing room.

A delicately made-up young lady from a side branch was carelessly sipping a drink. Her listless eyes were looking around. She suddenly saw something and her expression turned strange. She pulled on her mother next to her. She said in a low voice, “Mom, I just saw Butler Zhang bring a meal upstairs.”

The table was originally trying to fawn over Mo Laoye and Mo patriarch. Not many people had the energy to pay attention to a butler’s actions. But their relationship with the direct line was rather distant. There was also no one in their family that was viewed favorably by the Mo patriarch. So the table they were at was far away. It was coincidentally close to the stairs so she noticed Butler Zhang carrying a plate of food upstairs.

Butler Zhang was a butler and arguably, relegated to the rank of servant. But but the reality was that Butler Zhang had been serving in the Mo family for more than ten years. He was trusted by the two family heads so he was already more than an ordinary servant. To put it bluntly, in the eyes of the current patriarch, he was more important than more than half of the people present there. Therefore, even if Butler Zhang was a servant, those from the side branch still treated him very politely.

A trusted confidante like Butler Zhang, to some extent, represented the family’s identity and status. Other than serving his master, he would not help anyone refill cups or fetch food.

But just now? She actually saw Butler Zhang personally bring food upstairs?

Could it be for that boy named Mo Qi that Mo patriarch personally brought back to live in the Mo ancestral house? She heard he was some side branch’s orphan. He had a pitiful past.

She couldn’t help but think of the rumor circulating in the Mo family. Most people were agitated because of the rumor. Their expression somewhat strangely stagnated for a moment.


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