One Hundred Ways to Become a God Chapter 12 Part 4/4

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Time flew by very quickly. In a flash, it had been four months already. It seemed like it was a short period of time from autumn in November to the Spring Festival in February. Especially for the He Yan who enjoyed the Mo patriarch’s nanny-like meticulous care without complaints, it seemed only a few days to him.

The Spring Festival originating from ancient Earth had been passed down to He Yan’s era so he was not a stranger to the Spring Festival. However, this was the first Spring Festival for him since he came to ancient Earth. It inevitably held a different meaning.

People were indeed lazy. He Yan held a hot cup of milk tea in his hands while lounging on a sofa and watching the gradually falling white snow out the window. His mood was a bit complex. After discovering Mo patriarch’s intentions, he originally wanted to use him and then run away. In this place that was thousands of years behind the science and technology of his original world, if He Yan wanted to hide from Mo patriarch and roam free, Mo Yitao would definitely not be able to even touch one strand of his hair.

It was just that the food at the Mo house and Mo patriarch’s docile and restrained attitude numbed his intentions. He thought that living a life like this wasn’t so bad. Without realizing it, he dawdled and stayed at the Mo house until now.

It really was a corrupting lifestyle.

He Yan slurped down the last mouthful of sweet milk tea and thought painfully.

The Mo patriarch he was silently criticizing had gently walked over to his side. Mo patriarch put the small porcelain dish on the small table in front of He Yan. When he retrieved his hand, he gently rubbed He Yan’s head. A green slice of peppermint green tea cake was on top of the delicate porcelain dish. The light jade color was extremely cute. Coupled with the refreshing and slightly sweet taste, it successfully hooked the sweets-lover He Yan so that he couldn’t even open his eyes.

Mo patriarch looked at the teenager’s originally lazy eyes become rounded with the arrival of the cake. His black eyes held eagerness like a greedy cat. Mo patriarch couldn’t help but reach out his hand lightly rubbed his head. “Eat up. It will be noisy later on.”

Today was the Spring Festival, the first day of the Lunar New Year. According to convention, the Mo family would come by to celebrate the New Year. And today was considered to be the quiet Mo ancestral house’s liveliest day.

Unfortunately, Mo patriarch did not seem to like this kind of liveliness.

He Yan swallowed the last bite of cake. He took the napkin handed to him by Mo patriarch. He didn’t know why, but an image of a frog sitting in a pot, being slowly stewed on top of a slow fire, emerged in his mind.*

He Yan’s actions of wiping his mouth slowed. He felt a bit annoyed.

[*Boiling a frog slowly in warm water is a fable. If you drop a frog in boiling water, it will notice and climb out. But if you drop a frog in warm water, then slowly boil the water with the frog, it will not resist and be cooked. The analogy here is used to describe a slow relationship, where the frog (He Yan) doesn’t know it’s being cooked. :D]


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