One Hundred Ways to Become a God Chapter 12 Part 3/4

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Such a big criminal case occurred in the Mo family and Mo Yitao showed no traces of hiding it. Therefore, this matter was soon a point of interest in the local wealthy business circle. The students in the school were mostly from rich and powerful families. So the matter of Mo Lanyu’s parents attempting to murder their distant nephew was soon widely known in the country’s most famous economics university.

At the same time, the unremarkable Mo Qi, after this incident, attracted the attention of the Mo family.

It should be known that the Mo patriarch was never a warmhearted person. The previous family head, Mo Yitao’s adopted father, could be said to reluctantly act according to the family’s interests. But Mo Yitao was cold and indifferent to the family’s wishes. When Mo Yitao took the position of patriarch, there were some people who wanted to cause a disturbance. The result was that Mo Yitao directly and efficiently defeated those people. He also took the opportunity to collect the bulk of stocks scattered in the Mo family. Even if the family wanted to take down Mo Yitao, there was no place to start.

A person who was so cold that he was indifferent to his relatives would suddenly and with great fanfare interfere with a side branch member. Actually, as a family head, this wasn’t a big problem. But the problem was that Mo Yitao not only paid attention to, but he brought this boy from the side branch to live in the ancestral house that was meant for direct line descendants!

The Mo family exploded!

For a time, the Mo relatives’ hearts were unstable. They made all sorts of guesses.

Some people speculated that Mo Yitao wanted to cultivate Mo Qi into his heir. But even more people, especially those who wanted their daughters to marry the Mo patriarch, examined the information in their hands. Mo Qi’s weak, delicate, and sickly beautiful teenage appearance secretly sounded alarm bells in their hearts. Perhaps, Mo Yitao had some unusual “interest” in that teenager.

No wonder Mo Yitao faced hundreds of beautiful and charming women in the family and didn’t bat an eye. So he had that kind of taste!

As they were annoyed over their inability to calculate the patriarch’s taste, they were also considering how they could rid the stumbling block Mo Qi.

Although they wanted to harm Mo Qi, they were helpless because Mo Yitao protected the person too well. They simply could not find an opportunity. Mo Qi spent most of his time in the Mo ancestral house enjoying life. He would occasionally go out, but Mo patriarch was certainly with him. Even if they were given ten times the guts, they wouldn’t dare to find trouble in front of Mo patriarch.


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