One Hundred Ways to Become a God Chapter 12 Part 2/4

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A few days after Mo Tiangao and Shen Cuiwei’s sentence was handed down, Shen Cuiwei’s maiden family heard the news. They came to the door with Shen Cuiwei’s IOU in hand to ask for their money back. But Mo Lanyu’s few thousand dollars was needed to live. She couldn’t bring out an extra penny. Facing her uncle’s aggressive face, she could only softly and submissively explain the situation and plead with them to wait a bit longer. Her uncle’s family knew that Mo Tiangao and Shen Cuiwei’s accounts were frozen and Mo Lanyu couldn’t bring out much money. They could only ridicule and threaten her a bit before unhappily slamming the door before leaving.

After they left, Mo Lanyu calmly tidied up the rented house that her uncle’s family messed up. She mockingly thought that the ungrateful Mo Qi was just like them. The Mo Qi they raised for four years didn’t care one bit for old affections. He was cruel and unscrupulous. Her uncle and his family also didn’t care about her current situation and came to throw stones while she was down in a well.

These were her relatives. Each was cold to the point it made people disgusted.

However, things were far from over.

When she returned back to university, she found that her classmates looked at her with strange eyes. Some classmates originally on good terms with her evaded her eyes. Their words held a clear sense of alienation. As for those she was not on good terms with, contempt was clearly written on their faces. And their words were less subtle.

“Hey, you don’t know. That mysterious goddess Mo Lanyu’s parents are attempted murderers! They tried to poison their distant nephew! Even the Mo patriarch was alerted to this matter. He personally went to the police!” The female student had a mocking expression on her face. She was gossiping with her companion. “Not only that, their family used that nephew’s money to eat and live! Didn’t she have money to make some investments before? That money was stolen from that nephew!”

Mo Lanyu stood not far from them. Listening to the two talked, her face turned green and white.

The companion peered at Mo Lanyu. Her momentary surprise turned to embarrassment. She gently poked the female student’s waist and whispered, “Careful. The protagonist is right behind you.”

The female student glanced back and looked contemptuously at the gloomy Mo Lanyu. “What, am I wrong? Her eyes look like she wants to kill me. Forget it. I’m really afraid of a murderer’s daughter.” She and her companion walked right by Mo Lanyu.

Mo Lanyu was similar to being nailed in place. She fiercely gritted her teeth. She used an expression like she wanted to eat people to glare at the two gossiping women. She watched them walk away slowly and proudly without saying anything in the end.


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