One Hundred Ways to Become a God Chapter 12 Part 1/4

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Because the evidence was conclusive and the Mo patriarch personally came out to deal with this matter, the verdict was handed out very quickly. Mo Tiangao and Shen Cuiwei were convicted of attempted murder and theft. Because the theft amount was large, the two refused to plead guilty, and they were vile in court, the sentence was heavy. They were sentenced to imprisonment for nineteen years and seventeen years respectively. They had to pay four years of restitution for misappropriating Mo Qi’s inheritance. Due to the personal injuries inflicted on Mo Qi, they also had to pay an additional $4.5 million in compensation.

Although $4.5 million was mere profit on paper for Mo Lanyu in five years, but for the current deep-in-debt Mo Tiangao family, it was a completely unaffordable debt.

After the verdict, Mo Lanyu went to visit her parents once. Looking at her parents who aged twenty years in a few days, Mo Lanyu felt remorse and resentment. Remorse because she hated herself for being untalented. She lost money investing and dragged her parents down. That’s why they targeted Mo Qi. Resentment because Mo Qi didn’t lift a finger to help when money was tight in the Mo family. He also called the police without showing any mercy!

Even if her parents did something wrong, it was because they had no way out so they made a mistake. Her family diligently took care of Mo Qi for seven years. Mo Qi didn’t even give them a chance to change and severed all relations with them. Finally, her parents regretted their actions and did not continue to poison him. Nothing actually happened to Mo Qi. He clearly could have written a letter of understanding to plead for them, so her parents wouldn’t have been handed such a heavy penalty! But let’s not talk about the letter. Mo Qi didn’t even appear. He obviously hardened his heart to get back at his family!

Their house had been seized by the court to repay the debt. Mo Tiangao and Shen Cuiwei’s bank accounts were frozen. Although her account was not frozen, she only had a few thousand dollars in the account. With the high prices and rent in this city, she could only sustain herself for one or two months. If she wanted to continue her studies, Mo Lanyu must find a way to make money.

Mo Lanyu asked for a leave of absence from her school. After being depressed for a few days, she came to accept the reality. Even though her current situation was very difficult, she believed that by relying on her hard work and talent, she could start a career.

But trouble soon came knocking on her door.


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