One Hundred Ways to Become a God Chapter 11 Part 4/4

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So encountering Mo Lanyu’s protests, the policeman directly pushed her away. He impatiently said, “Whether they’re innocent or not, it will be determined by the trial. You’re their daughter, right? Please cooperate with us. Don’t interfere with our duty. Also, please move out within three days from the victim’s house or you will be charged.”

Mo Lanyu stumbled from the push and fell onto the ground. The neighbors who heard the police sirens and came out to watch the liveliness saw Mo Tiangao and Shen Cuiwei handcuffed sitting in a police car. They pointed and whispered. It was as if the tiny voices magnified countless times and the words drifted into Mo Lanyu’s ears.

“What did I tell you in the beginning? Those two people looked very greedy. They took Mo family’s child support payments and still stayed in someone else’s house. How could they be so kind?”

“Those blood-sucking vampires wear gold all day. Aren’t they spending Mo family’s young master’s money? It’s not enough to spend his money, but they have to try to kill him!”

“Little Mo gongzi is too pitiful. His parents died when he was young. He couldn’t protect such a large inheritance himself with no one to help him.”

Someone glanced at Mo Lanyu who was still sitting on the ground and said, “You think their daughter knows the disgusting things they did?”

Mo Lanyu finally reacted. She fiercely stood up and slammed the door shut.

Murder? Mo Qi? Impossible! Her parents treated Mo Qi so well. How could they try to kill him?! Obviously it was Mo Qi who wasn’t what he seemed to be and deceived her family for so long. She felt pity for this weak tangdi in vain!!

Was this Mo Qi’s doing?

Recalling Mo Qi’s ridiculing smile to her last night, Mo Lanyu couldn’t help but shiver.


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