One Hundred Ways to Become a God Chapter 11 Part 2/4

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Mo Lanyu felt her eyes turned black. The wine glass in her hand fell and broke when it landed on the ground.

Fuerdai looked at her in surprise.

After the banquet ended, Mo Lanyu’s face was still unbearably ugly to look at. Fuerdai wanted to say some caring words, but Mo Lanyu was filled with anger. She was not in the mood to exchange pleasantries with him. Fuerdai looked at Mo Lanyu’s cold face and didn’t want to speak anymore. He took her home and they each parted in displeasure.

Let’s not talk about how Mo Lanyu “exposed” Mo Qi’s true nature to Mo Tiangao and his wife at home. On He Yan’s side, once they returned to the Mo house, Mo Yitao immediately honored his promise. He had the kitchen make a small piece of strawberry cake. The taste was indeed more delicious than the cake at the banquet. But the Mo patriarch said a small piece. And it really was a small piece. Although He Yan was trying to eat slowly, the cake was still gone after a few bites. He Yan couldn’t help but roast him in his heart. This person was really fussy.

Looking at the teenager’s dissatisfied cute face, the fussy Mo patriarch’s heart softened a little. But in the next second, his worries about the teenager’s health smacked down that softness. The teenager’s body hadn’t fully recovered yet. He needed an appropriate diet.

“Little Qi, I had my lawyer file an indictment. The evidence is already collected. If you have no objections, you can call the police tomorrow and file a lawsuit with the court.” After quietly cleaning up the teenager’s mess from eating cake, Mo Yitao sounded out his opinion on a topic he long wanted to bring up.

In fact, the evidence had been collected as early as half a month ago when he asked the teenager about Mo Tiangao and his wife’s doings. Considering his mood, Mo Yitao decided to give him half a month as a buffer. He finally decided to mention the matter today.

The teenager’s lively expression fell. He clutched the quilt and didn’t speak. Although Mo Yitao was distressed, he knew this was a process the teen must experience growing up. “If you don’t say anything, I’ll take it as you agree, okay? Little Qi, you cannot be softhearted this time. If they do something wrong, they must face the corresponding consequences. If you’re softhearted to them, one day, they would commit even more serious wrongdoing.”


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