One Hundred Ways to Become a God Chapter 11 Part 1/4

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While appreciating Mo Lanyu’s ugly expression, He Yan slowly finished eating the slice of cake. He put down the fork and prepared to leave. After all, his purpose of infuriating Mo Lanyu, was reached. He Yan did not want to stay at this boring gathering anymore. The main reason was that the Mo patriarch was too eye-catching. He attracted countless gazes wherever he went. Sitting next to such a glittering object, even He Yan was affected. Even eating in the corner, countless eyes containing unknown meanings were poking at him. It was not considered a pleasant dining experience. He pushed away the empty plate. He asked Mo Yitao softly, “Gege, how long will this banquet last?”

Mo Yitao took the plate being pushed away and conveniently handed it to a passing waiter. “Not long. Are you tired? En, I’ll tell someone and take you back first.”

He Yan hurriedly shook his head. He had an uneasy face as he said, “Isn’t that very rude? I can wait longer.” His heart was thinking that if Mo Yitao dared to say “okay,” he would put him on the blacklist.

Fortunately, when it came to social gatherings, Mo patriarch was someone with no principles. He immediately and earnestly said, “It’s not a big deal. Besides, it’s very late. You should sleep soon.”

He Yan reluctantly gave Mo patriarch some positive points and marked him down for further observation. As he followed Mo Yitao to stand up, his hand was around Mo Yitao’s arm. But he thought about the flustered Mo Lanyu watching them from not far away. He Yan couldn’t help but had an evil thought. He withdrew his hand from the crook of Mo Yitao’s arm and took the initiative to hold Mo Yitao’s hand.

Mo Yitao was stunned for a moment. Then he immediately grasped the teenager’s thin and soft hand. His hand was smaller than his own by a lot. It was soft and tender. It seemed that even his bones were soft. Touching it made one not want to let go.

Mo Yitao’s eyes couldn’t help but shine brightly and he bent down to look at the teenager. Facing the teenager’s sweet smile, he suddenly felt mystified and dizzy.

The nearby Mo Lanyu who was watching their every move felt an even stronger burst of anger coming from her chest and rushing into her head. Just as she couldn’t take it anymore, He Yan actually turned to look at her as he was passing by. It was a scornful and provocative derisive smile that was different from his usual timidity.

Swindler! Mo Qi was a duplicitous swindler! They were all deceived by him!!!


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