One Hundred Ways to Become a God Chapter 10 Part 3/3

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Fuerdai lightly chuckled. “How can it be impossible? Don’t think it’s not possible. In this circle, it’s not some new thing to like men. The Mo patriarch is so meticulous to that boy that he personally fetches food for him to eat. I have never heard some lady who can be treated like that by the patriarch. If it wasn’t someone in his heart, could he do to things to this extent?” He then stopped. His tone was a little hesitant as he whispered, “But… this child doesn’t look like he’s of age yet. Mo patriarch could actually do it.”

Mo Lanyu’s face was completely black. She glared hard at Fuerdai. Her tone couldn’t help but be forceful. “It’s enough! Don’t make up such nonsense about other people. You make him seem so dirty!”

Fuerdai was puzzled. Mo Lanyu had been baffling the whole day. She was cold and distant with him earlier. Fine. After all, he was the one wooing her. It was nothing to lower his attitude. But he hadn’t said more than a few words when Mo Lanyu randomly got angry at him. Although he was not overbearing, but he was a spoiled and pampered fuerdai. He had never suffered such anger by a woman. He was suddenly unhappy. He had a little crush on Mo Lanyu, but not to the point where he would be her cow or horse. “What are you angry about? If you didn’t want to come, I also didn’t force you to come. Who are you acting mighty for?” Dirty!

Mo Lanyu also knew that she said the wrong thing. She wrung her hands hard, nails piercing her palm. “My apologies. I’m feeling a bit unwell today. It wasn’t on purpose.” Fuerdai’s family had some power. She was too impulsive earlier.

Fuerdai’s good opinion of her vanished after this quarrel that was not quite a quarrel. His tone was no longer as pampering as it used to be to Mo Lanyu. “If your body is uncomfortable, then go rest in the parlor.”

He Yan used his spiritual power to see Mo Lanyu utterly discomfited. He suddenly felt refreshed. Even the Mo patriarch who was sneaking around trying to take advantage of him became more pleasing to the eye.

To be honest, Mo Qi’s death was caused directly by Mo Tiangao and Shen Cuiwei. It had no direct relations with Mo Lanyu. But He Yan was a careful person. Once he thought that Mo Lanyu used Mo Qi’s money to get rich and that when she finally discovered that Mo Qi was killed by her parents, she used all sorts of methods to make them seem innocent and did not have a trace of guilt towards this innocent tangdi, He Yan was angry.

In other words, seeing Mo Lanyu unhappy made him happy.

Besides him, Mo Yitao looked at He Yan who was eating his cake so happily that his eyes were squinted. He couldn’t help but imagine that if there were two furry animal ears on top of the teenager’s head, they would certainly be adorably pointing upwards. The tips of the ear might possibly flick back and forth.

His pair of hands seemed to be more and more disobedient.

Mo patriarch calmly thought.


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