One Hundred Ways to Become a God Chapter 10 Part 2/3

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Mo Yitao raised his eyebrow. “Little glutton, you came in and only know how to stare at the food.” After living together for so long, he figured out this little guy’s preferences. He hated the smell of milk and seafood. He loved all the sweet foods, especially orange juice and cake. He ate until his stomach was a little round ball and burped. Later, he had to limit the amounts he gave the little guy to eat. Otherwise, he would get a bad stomach.

He Yan: “……” Your whole family is a glutton!

The place He Yan pointed to wasn’t near or far. It was exactly near Mo Lanyu. She could definitely see the two people’s every move.

Mo Yitao dispatched the other guests who wanted to talk to him. He held He Yan’s hand and walked over to the mousse cake. He had the server cut a small slice of cake and took a glass of orange juice. He personally put the food down on a table for guests to eat on. Everyone was busy mingling and forming relations with others. These tables and chairs placed in a corner weren’t used by many people so it was very quiet there.

He Yan looked at the piece of cake that was only slightly bigger than his palm. He stabbed hard at the Mo family patriarch in his heart. Mo Yitao was becoming more motherly recently. He had to control everything. Even the cake He Yan was eating had to be fussed over. Mo Yitao may have possibly seen dissatisfaction from that cute and harmless little face. He helplessly whispered in He Yan’s ear, “I don’t know if the food here is fresh or not. It’s not good to eat too much. If you want to eat, I’ll have people make it for you at home.”

Whether it was intentional or not, Mo Yitao sat very close to him. It was to the point that He Yan could feel his breath on his ear when he spoke, making him a bit uncomfortable. But his discomfort disappeared once he saw Mo Lanyu’s reaction.

Mo Lanyu saw the person Mo Yitao was sitting to close to and her face turned even uglier.

Wasn’t that her sickly tangdi?!

Fuerdai [rich second generation] naturally also saw. It was as if he suddenly discovered the New World. Trying to gossip, he said, “Who’s the boy next to the Mo patriarch? Don’t tell me. He’s very good-looking. No wonder there are rumors that the Mo patriarch does not like woman. So they aren’t groundless… Hehe.”

Mo Lanyu’s heart jumped. She fiercely frowned. “Don’t talk nonsense. How can the Mo patriarch like men?”


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