One Hundred Ways to Become a God Chapter 10 Part 1/3

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When Mo Yitao heard the host mentioning the person he brought along, a gentle expression crossed his face. “Mr. He is joking. This is my tangdi [younger male patrilineal cousin]. He had nothing to do, so I brought him out to play. The child is a little shy. Don’t mind it, Mr. He.”

He Yan stood next to Mo Yitao, with an obedient and lovable on his face, holding onto his right arm. His tender skin was white, his eyes were crow-black, and his lips were pink. No matter who saw him, one would sign at how delicate and cute he was. The teenager didn’t seem to be very bold. He originally had his head down, seemingly embarrassed. After hearing Mo Yitao introduce him, he lifted his head and shyly smiled at Mr. He. The teenager’s wasn’t tall. Because of physical defects, he wasn’t even 1.7 meters tall yet. And Mo Yitao was taller than him by twenty or so centimeters. Standing together, the teenager seemed more petite and delicate, unconsciously stirring up people’s protective instincts.

Mr. He candidly said, “No, no. It’s our honor to have little gongzi [son of nobility (archaic)] here. It’s good if he’s happy playing.”

Everyone here was sophisticated. Although he had never heard that Mo Yitao had a close tangdi, but since Mo Yitao brought this child to attend the banquet and expressed how close they were, it showed how important this tangdi was to Mo Yitao. So Mr. He did not dare to slight the teenager in the least. Besides, this child didn’t seem to be fifteen years old right? His handsome, well-behaved, and bashful face easily made a favorable impression.

He Yan appeared to have a smile on his face, but his heart was MMP [Chinese slang/ curse]. In fact, he did not want to participate in such a boring gathering at all. Especially towards the Mo Yitao who held unhealthy thoughts about him, but had to pretend to obediently hold onto this guy; he felt that he was being taken advantage of. But he was meticulously “looked after” by this family head at home. So he might as well come out and anger his good tangjie [older female patrilineal cousin i.e. Mo Lanyu]!

With such a strong memory, he clearly remembered that Mo Lanyu would attend this banquet.

He wondered if his tangjie who wholeheartedly liked Mo Yitao would drop and break her wine glass if she saw the tangdie she always looked down on affectionately holding onto her favorite man and appearing so majestic in front of her.

He Yan thought happily. After he recently found out that Mo Yitao may be holding impure thoughts towards him, he felt there was a obstruction stuck in his heart, making him very displeased. According to his usual logic, if he was unhappy, then others must be unhappy too. Since he had not yet decided what to do to Mo Yitao, the unfortunate Mo Lanyu who bumped into the muzzle of a gun, would be the one he took his anger out on.

He used his spiritual power to inspect the nearby Mo Lanyu. He Yan thought of a good idea. His face couldn’t help but show a fleeting smile. He gently shook Mo Yitao’s right arm. The man who was conversing with people felt the little movements and ended the conversation with a few words. When Mr. He and company left, Mo Yitao looked down and asked, “What is it? Tell your gege [literally: big brother, can be used to denote familiarity], little Qi.”

He Yan looked at the man’s distinct and angular face under the lights. His heart smiled. His face still had on a small, shy smile. He timidly pointed to a direction, “Gege, I want to eat the mousse cake over there.”


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