One Hundred Ways to Become a God ARC 2: My Husband Has a Brain Disease Chapter 25 Part 1/4

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The two people were not doing well.

During the year that Xu Qing returned to M Country, he and his brother were in a battle of wits and bravery. They fought a bloody battle for the position to the heir of succession. Both had losses and no winner had emerged. But He Yan thought that Xu Qing’s chances of winning were not great.

Xu Qing had left a knot in Xu Laoye’s heart due to his destruction of the Xu and Mo cooperation. Not to mention, Xu Feng’s mother had already become Xu family’s second female mistress. She also gave birth to a child for Xu Laoye, who took away most of Xu Laoye’s love.

Perhaps because Xu Laoye was getting older, he wanted to experience the warmth of a family. Since Xu Feng’s mother became pregnant, he was extremely caring of her and Xu Feng. After his first love gave birth, Xu Laoye was also extremely loving to his child and took care of him himself. Xu Feng was also talented and worked hard to please him. In addition, his first love also had some scheming means, so in a year, Xu Laoye’s heart had unconsciously been biased for Xu Feng.

If it kept going like this, the Xu Qing, who was fighting alone without support, would become the loser sooner or later.

As for Mo Lanyu, after she dawdled aimlessly in the villa that Xu Qing bought her for half a year, she finally gathered herself together and went to look for work.

However, rumors of her ex-boyfriend and Xu Qing had already spread throughout the industry. Many companies were worried about being dragged down. Even if Mo Lanyu performed well in her previous company, it too wasn’t willing to take a chance and her job back to her. She finally found a job in a small company that was opened for less than two years at half her previous salary, but with more work.

Mo Lanyu seemed to have had her spirit completely grinded away. She didn’t make much achievement in her company and became one of the ordinary white-collar workers in the city.

Very good. Presumably these two people wouldn’t run to interfere with He Yan’s love life.

After reading the information, He Yan was very relieved. In the blink of an eye, he tossed these two people to the back of his mind. He opened up his WeChat to continue bothering his lover. “Big baby.”

Mo patriarch: “Hmm?”

He Yan: “When will you come back? I’m bored at home. I miss you. *Wants a kiss emoji*”

Mo patriarch: “Two hours later. I also miss you. *Gives you a kiss emoji.*”

Thus, the assistant who was forced to finish half a day’s work in two hours tearfully lit a candle in his heart.


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