Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 72 Part 1/4

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***[There’s a glossary now for terms left in pinyin in the above menu, for those who need it!]

Dear readers, I have noticed that a lot of my translations are being posted onto other sites; some that gave me credit and some that didn’t. It makes me very unmotivated and it’s very disheartening. So, I will try posting in images for a while now to prevent this from happening. Please DO NOT post my or other translators’ hard work onto other sites, without permission!


One thought on “Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 72 Part 1/4

  1. CheeseCake May 11, 2020 / 4:24 am

    Rip Google Translate T – T
    I can’t read this chapter and so on again 🙁
    I do not understand English T_T
    I just wrote this comment using google translate …wuwu
    By the way, thank you for the chapter

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