Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 71 Part 4/4

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Shao Qian could guess what Yu Yang was thinking. Sure enough, the eyes of this man looking at him almost flashed a green light. It was still early so a nap was possible. Of course, this nap was just that.

Therefore, the face of Yu Yang who had the door of the bedroom shut in his face collapsed. He was like a cat clawing the front of the door, hoping that the person inside would open the door for him.

At this time, Zhang Yin walked over with a plate of meat in his hands. His two black eyes were particularly conspicuous. He looked at his Dage clawing at the door. Then he opened his own door next to him and went inside. He was in a bad mood and did not want to tell his Dage that there was a spare key to Laoda’s room.

On the other hand, the bar owner who returned from the hospital thought that he couldn’t swallow his anger down. He had run amuck in this place for a while now and it was especially rare for someone to not give him face. Especially when it was the Xu An that the bar owner was originally head-over-heels for.

Thinking about Xu An’s face and his bartending hands made the bar owner had an impulse to kidnap the person and throw him onto the bed. But that cheap slut seemed to have different men around him now?

Feeling his still-swollen fingers, the bar owner hated he couldn’t break all ten fingers of that tall man. But did he dare to go on his own? He didn’t even dare to hit him at the hospital. And even if that man was standing in front of him right now, he still wouldn’t dare to hit him. He would wait. He would wait for that cheap slut Xu An to be thrown away. Then when Xu An fell into his own hands, he could play with him as he wish.

This bar owner was secretly plotting as Hong Ye was secretly plotting. His subordinates gathered lots of money. The money in front of him was piled into a mountain, but Hong Ye couldn’t be happy.

How could he be happy? This money had to be given to Yu Yang. Although he could get it back, but watching the money be given away was the same as a knife gouging his heart out.

“The day after tomorrow, I will throw that bastard Yu Yang into the ocean to feed the fish.” Only then could he quell the anger and hatred in his heart. He was bullied too much by that bastard Yu [Yu Yang’s father] early on, so every time he heard the surname Yu, he hated until his teeth itched. He finally had a chance to get his revenge now. It would be strange if he let Yu Yang off.

However, it really was a coincidence. Hong Ye’s mistress just returned from the hospital. She saw the living room piled with money and smiled. “Oh, Hong Ye, you moved so much money into the house again.”

Hong Ye had a habit. No matter how much he earned, he would move it home. Only after he counted and looked at it enough would he have his subordinates move it away.

But now his mistress’ words really poked Hong Ye in the heart. He slapped the table and stood up. He pointed to his mistress and gave her a good scolding.


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