Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 71 Part 3/4

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The young spectators saw this scene and whistled and laughed. Shao Qian did not feel there was something wrong and directly kissed Yu Yang’s face. Then he said to the Zhang Yin still on the ground, “Zhang Ge, do we still compete in shooting?”

Zhang Yin deftly sprang up from the ground. He wiped the sweat off his forehead. “Compete.”

He didn’t believe that he would lose in everything to Xu An. Shooting was his specialty. If he lost again…

Thinking of his earlier bitter experience, it was better to wait until after the competition was over before he should say what would happen if he lost.

However, he didn’t know if the god of luck wasn’t on his side today, but after ten rounds of shooting, his last shot hit the ninth ring…

Shao Qian put down the air gun in his hands. Then he took off his headset and safety glasses. He raised his eyebrows at Zhang Yin. “Call me Xu Ge.”

Zhang Yin’s expression was lifeless. He looked over at Shao Qian and shouted “Xu Ge.” Then he put down the air gun in his hands and left. Why did that back look so depressed?

“Did I go too far?” Shao Qian was a bit worried looking at Zhang Yin’s back. He wanted to compete with Zhang Yin, but it wasn’t too good if he shocked him too much, right?

“No.” Others did not understand Zhang Yin, but would Yu Yang not? Although his back seemed bleak now, he would revive himself after a meal.

Since Yu Yang said that, Shao Qian was relieved. Zhang Yin and Yu Yang’s relationship seemed good. He boldly proposed a competition not only because of Zhang Yin’s “Dasao.” But that they looked down on weak people the most. Shao Qian wanted to establish some prestige and have people know that only he can stay by Yu Yang’s side.

Yu Yang looked at Shao Qian’s relieved expression and knew that he was worried. Part of it was fear that Zhang Yin would be traumatized. Perhaps the other part was because he feared he caused a rift between the brothers?

Yu Yang’s heart was happy. His family’s baby indeed put him first.

“AnAn, you’re tired too. Why don’t we go rest?” Going to rest and possibly doing that. It must be said that Yu Yang was nervous even talking to Shao Qian originally. Now he was an expert.


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