Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 71 Part 2/4

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After Shao Qian threw Zhang Yin onto the ground, he stood in the original place and massaged his neck and wrists. “Yo, Zhang Ge, keep coming.”

“I’m coming.” Zhang Yin refused to admit defeat. He could not understand how Xu An grabbed his neck and threw him. This was impossible.

However, it was useless to keep trying. Shao Qian did not care how stable his stance was and simply threw him. He also controlled his strength very well. Zhang Yin would suffer some superficial wounds, but not injure his bones.

“You want to go again?” Shao Qian wanted to smile, but he thought of Yu Yang’s words and withdrew his smile.

Yu Yang looked at his lover and was smitten. Good skills, good appearance, good in bed, and even better body. Such an ideal lover was his. He must have done lots of good things in his previous life for his lover to be by his side.

Zhang Yin played dead lying on the ground. His whole body felt unwell. He felt that he was going to question life. He couldn’t understand how he was thrown.

“Youngster, you’ve never heard of the ‘conquering the unyielding with the yielding principle’? Just because your stance is stable doesn’t mean I can’t throw you.” Shao Qian squatted and patted Zhang Yin’s head. “Call me Xu Ge.”

“……” Zhang Yin finally reacted. Was this evil brought upon him because his mouth was cheap?

Zhang Yin did not call out, but the young spectators were excitedly shouting. They shouted “Xu Ge, Xu Ge,” until Shao Qian was a bit at a loss. He just wanted to compete a little with Zhang Yin as a joke. Why were these spectators the ones shouting?

Shao Qian did not understand, but could Yu Yang not understand? Yu Yang’s face fell and he said sourly, “What are you looking at? What are you shouting for? He’s mine.”

These young spectators who didn’t understand the situation heard the words and immediately said in unison, “Hello, Dasao.”

The blue veins in Shao Qian’s forehead jumped a few times. He turned his head and smiled brilliantly at Yu Yang. “Dear, we should also cultivate our relationship.”

“I would love to cultivate our relationship in bed.” Yu Yang hugged Shao Qian and sniffed his ear. Even if his lover was sweaty, he still smelled fragrant.


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