Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 71 Part 1/4

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After about twenty minutes, they arrived. The training field had lots of people. They saw Yu Yang and Zhang Yin come over with a handsome, but looked like a weak chicken young man. They stopped what they were doing in curiousity.

Zhang Yin simply took off his shirt. He was only wearing a tight-fitting vest. His strong muscles and eight-pack were seen. Shao Qian was very envious of those contoured, fluid, and explosive muscles. He didn’t know whether it was because his body had a problem in every world, but he had never trained for muscles. From beginning to end, he always had standard abdominal muscles… This made him feel a bit frustrated.

Looking at the gaze in which his partner stared at another’s waistband, Yu Yang’s knife-like gaze landed on Zhang Yin. He disdained Zhang Yin’s type of muscle-y loser. Of course, he would never admit the sad truth that after working out for several years, he always only had a six-pack.

However, it was an insult for his lover to look admiringly at another man’s abs, so Yu Yang secretly made up his mind. If he couldn’t obtain an eight-pack, then he would make Zhang Yin a four-pack.

Zhang Yin couldn’t be more satisfied with his muscles. Every time he saw someone looked admiringly at his muscles, he had the impulse to flex and strike some poses.

He wasn’t aware of his own dage’s thoughts. Otherwise, he would rush to put his clothes on and wrap himself up tightly so that no one could see his muscles.

However, he did not know Yu Yang’s thoughts, so he eventually had a lot of back fat. He could only look on with grief and indignation as he went from an eight-pack man to a six-pack man. The pain of losing two packs: you people with no muscles wouldn’t understand.

Shao Qian took off his jacket. He hooked his finger at Zhang Yin, “Come. Let us fight.”

The people on the training field saw that this pretty boy actually wanted to fight with Zhang Ge. For a moment, the ridicule in their eyes couldn’t be hidden. However, they didn’t want to miss the chance to teach the pretty boy a lesson. Besides, they didn’t frequently see their Zhang Ge fight.

However, the things that happened next made them suspicious of their eyes. Please tell them that the one who was kicked in the lower back and sprawled onto the ground wasn’t Zhang Ge, the one who was grabbed by the throat and flipped through the air onto the ground wasn’t Zhang Ge, and the one who had black eyes wasn’t Zhang Ge…

Mom, I feel that today my worldviews are shaken. I actually saw a pretty boy with no muscles throw a strong man again and again. It must be that I didn’t wipe my eyes before I left the house today. The eye crust in my eyes caused hallucinations.


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