Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 70 Part 5/5

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“Don’t go too far.” Although Shao Qian felt that bar owner was very annoying, he didn’t want Yu Yang to dirty his hands for someone like that.

“You can rest assured when I do things, Dasao [older brother’s wife or respectful appellation].” Zhang Yin didn’t know what wind blew, but he blurted out “dasao” without thinking about it.

Shao Qian didn’t show the slightest unhappiness. He even smiled and asked Zhang Yin, “I heard that Mr. Zhang is good at shooting and fighting?”

“I’m all right.” As the personal bodyguard of Yu Yang, Zhang Yin naturally had his talents. Although his shooting accuracy was not 100%, it was rare for him to make a mistake.

As a bodyguard, fighting skills were the most necessary and basic. After all, one could not solely rely on weapons while protecting a person. Therefore, Zhang Yin’s fighting skills were definitely top-notch.

“That’s great. I also dabble in shooting and fighting. Why don’t we learn from each other?” When Shao Qian said these words, he still had a bright smile on his face. He thought nothing of it, but the Yu Yang next to him was unhappy. Yu Yang pulled Shao Qian’s face and gently kissed the corner of his mouth. “Don’t smile at other men. I don’t want to see it.”

“You’re really controlling.” Although Shao Qian said that, he was not annoyed. He loved the feeling of this man focusing all his attention on himself.

Zhang Yin didn’t want to ridicule the two. He was contemplating how he should act to not let Laoda’s precious baby be hurt.

“Training field.” Yu Yang nodded his chin at Zhang Yin to drive them back to the gang. He was aware of his baby’s skills, so he was not concerned over Zhang Yin hurting his baby.

Moreover, even if he was slightly hurt, it was nothing. Staying by his side, his baby would inevitably have accidents. Even if his baby was hurt now, Yu Yang would help his baby take revenge afterwards.

So it could be said that Yu Yang already had a good plan. If his baby won, then everyone was happy. If he lost… losing was fine. As long as he wasn’t hurt.

If he was accidentally injured… that’s fine. If his partner was injured, as a good, loving partner, Yu Yang would certainly take revenge for his partner.

Zhang Yin heard those words and turned a corner at the intersection. He made up his mind already. He would only use 30% of his power. After all, Xu An was his “dasao.” He should more or less yield a bit.

After Zhang Yin was badly battered, with a bloody nose and a swollen face, he came to realize that this was because he addressed someone as “dasao.”


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