Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 70 Part 4/5

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Zhang Yin directly grabbed the bar owner’s hand. Then he played dumb. “Ah, my apologies. My dage’s hand is a bit strong. He accidentally bumped and dislocated sir’s finger. Here is $1,000 as my dage’s compensation.”

Zhang Yin took out $1,000 and directly stuffed it into the bar owner’s arms. “I still have things to do.”

The bar owner was really angered by the development of the events until his face turned ashen. He took the $1,000 from his clothes and wanted to throw it onto the ground. But his hand eventually did not drop. He raised his hand up and down a few times and finally put the money into his pocket.

The expression of the woman who was watching him from the side turned really ugly. You had the nerve to put the $1,000 into your pocket? She originally thought he was generous. She didn’t think he was so stingy.

It seemed like he was rubbish. It was better to look for another father for the child. Such a man certainly wouldn’t be something good.

It had to be said that the same species attracted the same species. For a woman who could decisively turned around and leave after seeing the bar owner’s actions, it was indeed “birds of a feather flocked together.”

But could the bar owner let Shao Qian go just like that? Definitely not. When he saw that so many people were looking at him with scornful eyes, the bar owner turned red. He rolled his eyes and shouted, “What are you looking at? You never see anyone injured?”

“Never seen such an obviously stingy person.” The people couldn’t see a show anymore so they dispersed. It was just that the words some young people spoke were “accidentally” too loud.

The bar owner was angered until his face was ashen. But did he dare to go seek trouble with some teenagers? Let’s not mention that there were a group of them. But the security guards eyeing him made him dare not act rashly.

The anger in his heart reached its peak, especially after he found out that the woman who came with him here was gone. F*ck. That woman just left?

Shao Qian and Yu Yang were already waiting in the car. Without much effort, Zhang Yin also came over. Shao Qian waited until Zhang Yin sat in the driver’s seat before asking, “What happened to that person?”

“Dispatched him with $1,000.” Zhang Yin carelessly smiled, “That kind of person just wants money.”

Yu Yang was a bit unhappy. “Not beating him up is already good. You actually gave him money?”

“Dage, isn’t it easy to get rid of him? It’s true I have him $1,000. But I’ll have him spit it back out a million times.” Was his, Zhang Yin’s, money so easy to take? Moreover, he clearly remembered that this person was the one dage asked to cause trouble.


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