Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 70 Part 3/5

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His hand had not touched Shao Qian, but it was already gripped by Yu Yang. “You dare to touch him with this hand?”

The bar owner saw Shao Qian and let anger rushed to his head. He originally found a few punks to teach Xu An a lesson. The result? Let’s put aside that the punks were taught a lesson. But that punk dared to blackmail money from him.

He was just thinking of ways to make trouble for Xu An. Before he had time to make a move, this woman came and said she was pregnant with his child.

It was a joke. Which time did he not take precautions? Could he let a woman get pregnant? He was thinking of taking this woman here for a checkup and asking the doctor if some paternity test could be done. He didn’t expect that in the hospital lobby, he would run into Xu An, this cheap person.

“Who the f*ck are you? I’m seriously telling you. The cheap person Xu An owes me a lot of money. I’m going to settle accounts with him today.” The bar owner’s voice was very loud. Many people in the hospital were already pointing and whispering at them. Someone had already called security, afraid that these people would make trouble.

The woman who came with the bar owner felt a bit embarrassed. She slightly edged away to the side. It seemed like she didn’t want to seem too close to a certain person.

Yu Yang directly grabbed the finger that the bar owner was pointing at him with. A crack sounded. Then painful screams like a pig being slaughtered sounded.

“What’s going on?” Several of the hospital’s security rushed over. They looked at the man clutching his hand and wailing on the ground. Then they looked at the expressionless Yu Yang. Their complexions didn’t look good. “Sir, we’re in a hospital. Patients need a quiet environment. If there is a personal problem, please solve it outside. If you insist on making trouble in the hospital, we can only call the police over.”

Would Yu Yang be scared by these people? He looked at the head security guard. Then his chin nodded at the still-wailing man. “This person has been provoking us. He was screaming and shouting in the hospital. Can I not teach a lesson to this kind of scum who shouts that he’s going to teach people a lesson?”

“What’s going on?” Zhang Yin finished checking-out procedures and found a group of people gathered. Yu Yang was tall so he could see his Laoda from a distance. He seemed to be in the middle of the crowd?

Zhang Yin hastened to squeeze through the crowd. He looked puzzled at the Yu Yang who was standing across from some security guards. “Didn’t you say you would wait in the car? What’s going on here?”

“Since you’re here, take care of it.” Yu Yang pulled Shao Qian to leave. He walked away, while the wailing bar owner stood up from the ground. His face was fierce. “You deliberately injured me. I’m going to sue you.”

“Sir, you need evidence.” Zhang Yin smiled and blocked the bar owner. “You said my dage [literally: big brother, can be used fraternally] deliberately injured you? Where are you hurt? Let me see.”

The bar owner held his swollen finger up. “He broke my finger. Is this not bodily harm?”


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