Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 70 Part 2/5

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“AnAn, wait for the doctor to do a comprehensive examination. Zhang Yin said blood suddenly started oozing from your mouth.” Yu Yang felt Shao Qian’s forehead. There was no sign of a fever. He wrinkled his forehead until a mosquito could be pinched to death by it. “I can’t rest assured if you don’t undergo an examination.”

“I’m fine.” Shao Qian insisted on getting out of bed. After all, even if he was examined, nothing would be found. It was a waste of money.

“AnAn…” Yu Yang wanted to keep talking, but he was interrupted by Shao Qian. “What about you? What did the doctor say?”

“The doctor said I’m fine too.” Yu Yang was a bit puzzled. When he lost consciousness, he should have been exposed to some strange things. However, he couldn’t remember what exactly.

But the emotions in his heart were firm in his mind. He even thought that he needed to carefully look after his AnAn in the future. He absolutely could not let him take half a step away from him.

“You see, even the doctor says we’re fine. Let’s go back.” Shao Qian picked up his coat and put it on. “Go put your shoes on.”

It seemed that when Yu Yang ran over here, he did not have time to put shoes on. He directly ran over in bare feet.

Yu Yang did not feel it was shameful. He looked at his feet and, without changing his expression, pulled Shao Qian back to his hospital room. After putting on his shoes and coat, he sent Zhang Yin to handle the discharge procedure.

Zhang Yin had no idea what to say to the two men who held hands no matter the location or the time. Haven’t they heard of breaking up due to excessive affection? If they kept showing off in front of this single man, they would be struck by lightning.

If Shao Qian heard these words, he would have immediately refuted. He had only heard of those being struck by lightning if they disturbed lovers. He had never heard that those displaying public affection would be struck by lightning.

Maybe Shao Qian and Yu Yang were unlucky today. As soon as they arrived at the hospital’s lobby, they saw a man walking in while embracing a woman with a raised stomach.

The man saw Shao Qian and was startled. Then his face turned ugly. He walked in front of Shao Qian. He pointed to his nose and shouted, “Laozi saw that you were pitiful and gave you a job. Laozi didn’t think that you would injure Laozi. Laozi’s bar was trashed three times. The renovation costs are in the hundreds of thousands.”

“Who are you? Do I know you?” Shao Qian raised his head and looked down at him. “Move aside.”

The bar owner saw Shao Qian like this and turned angry. He wanted to reach out and grab his collar. But would that strong, sturdy man standing next to Shao Qian let him succeed?


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