Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 70 Part 1/5

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When Yu Yang touched Shao Qian, he felt some warmth on his fingertips. It seemed that something came from his body and entered Shao Qian’s body.

Shao Qian was unconscious after using his soul power. Like Yu Yang, he also entered a strange place. He felt that he could hear the sound of running water. There was also a mechanical voice saying something. But he could only hear the voice and not the words.

Followed by panic, despair, hatred, and mania…

It could be said he was experiencing all the emotions in the world. He seemed to be fighting with someone and was being suppressed. He couldn’t move an inch…

Later, it seemed that something left his body. He felt a pain like his soul power was being torn, making him want to roll on the ground in pain. But he was unable to speak in the end. Someone was controlling him.

Something also seemed to invade his sea of consciousness. It seemed like it wanted to do something. What did he do? Why couldn’t he remember anything?

Shao Qian wanted to retrieve his memory, but he couldn’t move forwards a step. His heart was a bit sour and uncomfortable, but he couldn’t move at all. This kind of powerless feeling really made people desperate.

As he stood at a loss in the dark, exquisite warmth wrapped around his brain like water. The power increased and enveloped his whole body. It allowed him to suddenly escape from that mood.

“AnAn, you’re awake.” Yu Yang hastened to support Shao Qian’s shoulder. He nervously asked, “How do you feel? Are you uncomfortable anywhere?”

“I’m… fine…” Shao Qian felt his eyes were fuzzy. He couldn’t clearly see where he was. He identified Yu Yang’s rough outline.

“What’s going on?” After a while, Shao Qian’s eyes restored his sight. He rubbed his somewhat painful temples. “Why did I faint out of nowhere?”

“I don’t know.” Yu Yang shook his head. “The doctor said there’s nothing serious, but he can’t find out the specific cause of your unconsciousness.”

Shao Qian thought about what happened before he fainted. He nodded to show he understood. Soul power was very magical. He gained a little more soul power in every world and refined it for his own use. But he never knew where the power came from and how it could be used by him.

Shao Qian could only helplessly shake his head at the mysterious power. The system should know the source of this power, but he already swallowed it. There was no way to investigate.


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