Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 69 Part 3/3

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But what exactly did he lose? And what was that severe pain in his heart earlier?

“Seize… kill…you.” In the disjointed sentence, these words were particularly harsh in his ear. The man lying in the dark opened his eyes. Yu Yang’s memory came rushing back. He was Yu Yang. But where was this place?

Just then he seemed to have been looking for something? But he clearly found Xu An, his real treasure. So what was he uneasy about? What was he apprehensive about?

Yu Yang shook his head in some distress in the dark. He felt his brain was divided into two. One side clamored for him to get everything back, including his other half. The other side gently murmured that he already had his real treasure by his side. He mustn’t do anything to harm him.

Yu Yang felt that he was pulled by two extreme sides. One side was angry when thinking about Xu An. The other side was content that he found his beloved treasure.

As he was disputing with himself, Yu Yang felt his consciousness returning. He suddenly opened his eyes to see a doctor holding a syringe saying something to Zhang Yin.

“Where am I?” Yu Yang expression was bad. He looked around, but he did not see the Xu An who was supposed to be with him. He anxiously asked, “Where’s Xu An? Where is he? Hurry and look for him.”

Perhaps he had not recovered from his mind’s division. His first thought was that if Xu An dared to leave him, Yu Yang would swallow him. Let him be one with himself and never let Xu An out again.

“Don’t worry. Mr. Xu fainted. He’s in the next room.” Zhang Yin saw Yu Yang getting up and hurried to stop him. “You just woke up. It’s better not to get up from the bed yet.”

“I have to go see Xu An.” Only after making sure that Xu An was in his vicinity, could Yu Yang’s heart settle and he could lock away the anger in his heart.

Zhang Yin naturally knew his Laoda’s decisive character. He no longer stopped him. He could only follow after Yu Yang, in case accidents.

Yu Yang opened the door and went into the room next door. When he looked at the pale Shao Qian lying on the bed, his eyes gentled and his expression improved. He sat down next to the bed. He caressed Shao Qian’s cheek and softly said, “It’s really good that you didn’t leave.”

Baby, it’s good that you didn’t leave. If you really left me like you did before, I really don’t know what I will do.

But… when did his baby say he wanted to leave him? Yu Yang felt his brain had a problem. He always felt that this person in front of him would leave him and be out of his control. This was not a good omen.


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