Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 69 Part 2/3

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Zhang Yin was really anxious now. He even suspected that the tea they were drinking with Hong Ye was problematic. Otherwise, how could one person fall unconscious after another?

Zhang Yin did not dare to contact other people. The gang wasn’t currently unified. If someone had other intentions towards Laoda, one hastily placed phone call would let someone with ulterior motives find out about Laoda’s situation.

However, he must go to a hospital. Zhang Yin gritted his teeth hard and made a sharp right into a lane and drove towards a private hospital.

Zhang Ying was not considering whether his rash actions would cause a traffic accident. Although he had been shouting at Yu Yang Laoda, but in his heart, that young man was like his little brother. He held not only gratefulness towards him, but also familial affection.

However, on the road, Yu Yang was not completely unconscious. His surroundings turned black and then he suddenly entered a strange place. This place only had small glimmers of light, but they seemed as if they would disappear immediately. His mind was blank. He couldn’t remember anything.

This strange dark place with only a few glimmers of light did not make Yu Yang panic. On the contrary, he felt this place was very familiar. Being here made him feel comfortable.

But looking around, he felt lonely. The sense of emptiness from his heart made him feel unwell. He pressed his heart. He felt that he forgot and lost something.

But what was it?

As he was standing confused and dazed in this strange place, he suddenly felt pain in his chest. His right hand tightly squeezed his clothes and pressed against his heart to make himself feel better. Unfortunately, it was futile. His heart pained more and more. Just when he thought he was going to die, a warm energy came from the “tear” and enveloped his painful heart.

This feeling was very warm and familiar. It was as if this warm energy existed to be his.

He shifted from kneeling to lying flat down. He put both hands over his heart and slowly closed his eyes, enjoying the warmth from his enveloped heart.

However, someone seemed to be talking in his ear? He could hear someone mumbling to himself, but he couldn’t hear what this person was saying.

“Who… is it?” Why couldn’t he remember anything? His mind was completely blank. He felt that he lost something important. And he lost it for a very long time. He had always been waiting for the lost item to return.


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