Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 69 Part 1/3

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Shao Qian felt Yu Yang’s whole body lean on his body. He patted Yu Yang’s back and smiled. “You’re kind of heavy. Don’t lean on me.”

But this time, the man in his arms didn’t reply. Shao Qian’s heart tightened and he pushed the man away. Yu Yang’s face was white and his eyes were closed. It seemed he fainted.

“Quickly go to the hospital.” Shao Qian hurriedly lowered the car’s divider. “Yu Yang fainted. Go to the nearest hospital.”

Zhang Yin was startled. Although he could not see the situation in the back, he could still hear their voices. How could he suddenly faint after a few words? Looking at Shao Qian in the rearview mirror, Zhang Yin began to wonder if this bartender did something to his Laoda.

“If you have time to suspect me, why don’t you hurry to the hospital?” Shao Qian saw Zhang Yin’s look at him in the mirror and knew what he was thinking. But he had no time now to explain. It was best to send Yu Yang to the hospital first.

Shao Qian was secretly regretful. If he could use his soul power, how could he not know what was wrong with Yu Yang?

But when he was the Regent, didn’t he invade the Regent’s body when he was unconscious? Shao Qian’s mind cleared. He attempted to mobilize his soul power. As expected, when someone was unconscious, Shao Qian could use his soul power.

In this situation, Shao Qian ridiculed himself. His IQ really declined. If it was before, he might have discovered this point earlier.

He inserted his soul power into Yu Yang’s body. After a circle around, he did not find any abnormalities. He was a little puzzled. If there were no abnormalities, why did Yu Yang faint without any warning?

Shao Qian carefully directed his soul power into Yu Yang’s heart. He never thought that as he reached the heart, something seem to block his progress. Or was it that the thing that blocked his soul power was more powerful than him?

This made Shao Qian a bit panicked. What could be more powerful than the small worlds’ essence manifested in his soul power? At this moment, Shao Qian thought of the system that he already swallowed half of. But he mulled over this idea and eventually rejected it. If it was the system, it would have already killed or swallowed him. How could it possibly let him traverse through every world?

Shao Qian condensed his soul power into a needle. Poke by poke, he lightly explored the powerful force around Yu Yang. Just as he finally penetrated it with difficulty and was about to “see” the mystery, his soul power was suddenly shoved out of the body. His eyes also went blank and he fainted away.

Zhang Yin was always paying attention to what was happening behind him. He saw Xu An lean his Laoda against his leg and steadied him. Xu An then closed his eyes and leaned back against the car seat. In just a few minutes, his face turned pale. Blood even trickled out of his mouth. Then he immediately lost consciousness.


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