Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 68.3

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Hong Ye felt that the two people in front of him made his teeth ache. He repeatedly lifted and put down his cigar. Then he knead his fleshy cheek. “The money will be delivered in three days. When are you delivering the goods?”

Three days later, I will make you disappear. I have to see if you have the ability to take Laozi’s money.

“The old rules: you get the goods at the same time I get the money.” Yu Yang pulled Shao Qian up. “Hong Ye, I’ll see you at that place in three days.”

“Okay, see you there.” Hong Ye did not get up. He sat and watched the two leave.

“Hong Ye, 125 million is not a small amount. Can we gather so much money in three days?” After all, the bank was not opened by their family. Who knew how many banks they needed to run to, to collect so much money?

“Let the brothers gather it. After obtaining the contact for those lines…” Hong Ye made a throat-slitting gesture. Yu Yang did not consider his own capabilities. Did he have the ability to fight with Hong Ye?

“Baby, are you hard-pressed for cash?” Yu Yang was distressed. His baby didn’t sleep much and had to help him discuss “business.” He was very capable.

“Not hard-pressed.” Shao Qian shook off Yu Yang’s hand after they left. He released his soul power completely to observe the surroundings for snipers and the like.

Yu Yang was a little upset his hand was shaken off. Did his baby not want to hold his hand?

“AnAn…” People hearing his tone would feel wronged. “My hand is a little cold. Help me warm it.”

Shao Qian just wanted to know how he could say such coquettish words with such a handsome face. And it was said so matter-of-factly. But Shao Qian really loved this behavior that was obviously shameless, but that Yu Yang didn’t feel was shameless.


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