Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 68.2

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No one dared to speak this way to Hong Ye since he took his position. When bastard Yu was alive, he often spoke sarcastically to him. But he didn’t think a mere plaything would dare to talk to him like this.

However, once he had those lines in his hands, wouldn’t those in the Yu family also fall into his hands? He’ll certainly have them unable to live or die then.

Hong Ye pondered a bit. Then he gritted his teeth, “Youngster, Hong Ye underestimated you. Hong Ye didn’t expect you to know the ropes. Since you understand, then I’ll be blunt. One line for twenty million. If you want to sell, then sell. If not, then forget it.”

“Didn’t Hong Ye say if the sale falls through, we remain affable?” Shao Qian put down his teacup. He grinned, “It’s alright if Hong Ye can’t swallow these lines. We can find other buyers. Thirty million for one line. Twenty-five million each if buying all five lines.”

Hong Ye’s face turned black. He propped his elbow on his knee and thought for a while.  He could only move about 150 million right now. If he spent so much at once…

“Hong Ye, think carefully. If we walk out of this door today, we’ll find new buyers.” Shao Qian did not give Hong Ye a chance to think. Moreover, he believed this old fox wouldn’t miss the opportunity to dominate R City’s narcotics market.

“Why are youngsters so impatient?” Hong Ye really wanted to drink a cup of ice water to calm down. But Shao Qian obviously refused to give him the chance to. He repeatedly urged him.

“Hong Ye, it’s not that I want to be impatient.” Shao Qian shook his head and sighed. “My Yang Ge is waiting for the money to help his brothers.”

You’re waiting for the money to enter your pocket. Hong Ye secretly sneered. He looked down and thought for a moment. He finally nodded and gritted his teeth, “As you said, five lines for 125 million.”

“It’s a deal then.” Shao Qian smiled and patted Yu Yang’s thigh. “Get up. Collect money.”

Yu Yang sat up and kissed Shao Qian. “AnAn is really my lucky star.”


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