Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 68.1

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“The rules still need to be taught.” Hong Ye’s triangular eyes swept over Shao Qian. “Especially this… who only recognizes money and not people.”

“Hong Ye is right.” Shao Qian grinned. “I don’t have many hobbies. But I like lying in bed and counting the zeroes in my bank account.”

Yu Yang looked at Shao Qian gently and kissed his cheek. “Beloved darling, you discuss with Hong Ye. I will split the money three ways with you.”

“I’ll remember these words.” Yu Yang wanted to act, so Shao Qian would accompany him to act. Besides, Hong Ye was filled with malice towards him. Shao Qian was fed up with it.

Hong Ye looked at the two’s lovey-dovey interactions and felt annoyed. Would you be annoyed if you saw two people being intimate in front of you?

“Yu Yang, since you said like that, let’s continue discussing.” Hong Ye picked up and put down his cigar several times. He was really vexed. He was already lowering his status to negotiate with Yu Yang. Now he had to talk to a plaything that could not be seen in public…

“Hong Ye, like my Yang Ge said, the price you gave is a bit low.” Shao Qian was somewhat distressed as he calculated with his fingers. “If it’s like that, I can’t save much personal money.”

“You don’t know anything. Five lines for fifty million is a lot higher than the market price.” Hong Ye did not have a good temper facing Shao Qian. “Youngster, I’m telling you. With someone like Hong Ye’s identity willing to talk to you, you should be happy.”

“Hong Ye’s words…” Shao Qian smiled. “You didn’t discuss with our Yu Ye [Yu Yang’s father] that year because of your status? Although my Yang Ge just took over the gang and is not familiar with these things, but you cannot forget my Yang Ge is surnamed Yu. Our gang is also surnamed Yu. Hong Ye, am I right?”

Could Hong Ye say no? Of course not. His face was ugly as he smashed his cigar onto the table. “I see you’re not here to sincerely discuss business. Then you’re toying with me by making me come here?”

“Hong Ye, there are some things we all know. When Yu Ye gave you the price of thirty million for one line that year, the price wasn’t high. After all, in two or three years, couldn’t you make the money back?” Shao Qian drank some tea. “Our Yang Ge selling these five lines is to rope in the gang’s brothers. How can you open with ten million for one line?”


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