Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 67.4

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Yu Yang was more astute than his old man. Just from the gaze Hong Ye was shooting over, he knew that Hong Ye wasn’t thinking anything good. But Yu Yang didn’t care. When his old man suppressed Hong Ye that year, naturally it wasn’t only with money.

“Hong Ye is joking. Spoiling one’s beloved is right and proper,” Yu Yang smiled. “Hong Ye, there aren’t many people helping me right now. After my father went to prison, many people wanted to establish themselves or simply kill me to become Laoda. I have to take out some benefits to appease my brothers.”

Hong Ye suddenly laughed. His heart looked down on Yu Yang more. Yu Yang dared to say such private things out loud. He really had no brains. But the more he was like this, the better for Hong Ye.

“Let’s get back to the main point. How much do you want for these five lines?” Hong Ye extinguished his half-smoked cigar. “Managing a large gang alone is not easy now that your father has been set up to go to prison. You should indeed give your brothers some benefits. Of course, you cannot ask for a high price. I mean, we are going to have future dealings, aren’t we?”

The smile on Yu Yang’s face deepened, but his heart coldly sneered. This thing really thought he was in a tight spot? These lines weren’t handed to him yet, and he was already threatening him?

But he liked being despised. The more you despised me, the more unguarded you are against me. It would be easier when I want to kill you.

“Hong Ye, my father’s price of thirty million was too high.” Yu Yang looked anxious. “My gang’s brothers are waiting to eat. But my father locked the money tightly in the bank. I can’t get any out.”

Hong Ye’s heart was secretly happy. It seemed like bastard Yu didn’t leave any money to his son. He was definitely going to keep the price low.

“I guess you’re not too clear about the market. How about this? Uncle will give you a price. You consider it.” Hong Ye was obviously looting a burning house, taking profit from someone’s misfortune.

“This…” Yu Yang looked down and mused. Then he nodded, with a sigh. “Please say it, Hong Ye. I will consider it.”

“Five lines for fifty million. Hong Ye already raised the price.” Hong Ye had a face of being-taken-advantage-of.

Yu Yang’s heart coldly sneered. This insatiable old bastard. He actually dared to open with this price.

“Hong Ye, you’re not doing honest business this way.” These words weren’t spoken by Yu Yang, but the Shao Qian next to him.

Hong Ye originally despised Shao Qian. Now he was displeased hearing him speak. “Yu Yang, you brought this… here is fine. But why didn’t you teach him the rules?”

“My family’s AnAn is spoiled rotten by me. Please don’t mind.” Yu Yang kissed Shao Qian’s nose indulgently. “But I will listen to whatever AnAn says.”


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