Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 67.3

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Hong Ye wouldn’t waste too much time on a plaything. He had not finished stating his purpose for coming here today. “Seriously consider what Hong Ye just told you.”

He and that bastard Yu [Yu Yang’s father] had been fighting most of his life. He couldn’t find out bastard Yu’s several lines of drug trafficking. The result was that bastard Yu went to prison without telling him anything. Now he had to talk to such a junior for cooperation. He couldn’t be more annoyed.

Yu Yang sat Shao Qian next to himself. Then he hooked his suit’s cuff with his finger. He smiled politely, “Hong Ye, I’ll be honest with you. It’s true that my old man loves narcotics. But I don’t like it. So I do not intend to be in that business.”

Hong Ye smiled, “You’re joking. Your Yu family controls almost all of R City’s narcotics market. Now you’re telling me you’re not doing it? Aren’t you joking with Hong Ye?”

Hong Ye wouldn’t believe that the Yu family wouldn’t participate in the narcotics business. After all, the Yu family occupied almost the entirety of R City’s narcotics market. Now that Yu Yang was in charge, he didn’t want to take part anymore? This was less trustworthy than the news of bastard Yu coming out of prison.

“If Hong Ye wants them, I will sell those lines to you,” Yu Yang languidly said as he leaned on the chair lazily.

“I can’t afford those lines.” Hong Ye revealed a mouthful of gold teeth. “When I tried to buy a line from your old man, he gave the price of thirty million. You want to sell me five lines. Do you want to bankrupt me?”

“Hong Ye is joking. This money is only one hair from nine oxen [a drop in the ocean] for Hong Ye.” Yu Yang tasted some tea. Then he handed the cup to Shao Qian, “It’s just right.”

Shao Qian did not take the cup. He drank from it while it was still in Yu Yang’s hand. “Not bad.”

“There aren’t many people like Yu Yang who cares…so much anymore.” Hong Ye was about to say “plaything,” but he changed his words. He tapped his cigar on the ashtray. “Let’s be open. Name a price for those lines. I reckon if I, Hong Ye, can swallow it, then we’ll do business. If not… we can still be affable.”

Hong Ye actually really coveted the Yu family’s lines. In one year, those lines made much more money than fees from his venues. Whether Yu Yang wanted his money or had other intentions, as long as these lines were in his hands, where could Yu Yang run to?

Besides, once he had the resources in his hands, a little imp like Yu Yang whose hair hadn’t even grown out yet, could be killed however Hong Ye wanted.


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