Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 67.1

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“I’m outside. I will explain it to you when I come back.” Yu Yang saw Hong Ye looking over from nearby and coldly nodded in greeting.

Hong Ye didn’t look like a good person. His fierce-looking face had shifty, triangular eyes. He happened to wear a shiny gold necklace around his neck. Walking in the sun, he could absolutely blind someone’s eyes.

“Tell me the address. I’ll go find you,” Shao Qian straightforwardly said. He did not forget that his lover was part of the underworld this lifetime. Although he would not be easily killed since he was the protagonist of this world, but Shao Qian still worried about Yu Yang getting injured or encountering life-threatening situations.

“No.” Yu Yang rejected Shao Qian without thinking. How could he put his beloved in danger with him? Although he was neutral in today’s negotiation, who knew if the old fox had set up an ambush?

“Reason.” If this guy dared to say something stupid, he would make him see some sense.

“If you get injured, my heart would hurt.” Yu Yang lowered his voice by a lot saying these words. He switched the phone to his left hand and put his right hand in his pants pocket.

“By the same reasoning, if you get injured, my heart would hurt too,” Shao Qian lightly laughed. “Tell me where you are. I’ll find you. Besides, my skills might not be worse than yours.”

Yu Yang felt warm in his heart. This feeling of someone caring about you was really nice. He didn’t want to emerge from it.

“Yu Yang, are you listening?” Shao Qian could not see his expression over the phone. Yu Yang didn’t speak for a while. Shao Qian was a little worried.

“I’m at Tianyuan Road’s Shengli Teashop.” Yu Yang’s expression gentled a lot. “There are people guarding the alley outside. Have one send you over.”

“Okay.” After Shao Qian hung up the phone, he noted down Yu Yang’s phone number. He bid the Lin brothers goodbye and went out the door.

In the alley, Shao Qian saw a black Santana parked by the side of the road. He went up and lightly knocked on the window. The man who was answering the phone immediately got out of the car and respectfully asked Shao Qian to get in the car.

This place was very close to Shengli Teashop. They arrived in ten minutes or so. Once Shao Qian alighted from the car, he used his soul power to cover the area around the teashop. There were men inside and outside the teashop. They must be the subordinates of Yu Yang and the person he was negotiating with.

Zhang Yin had been waiting at the door for Shao Qian. When he saw him, he immediately approached and greeted him. “Mr. Xu, Mr. Yu is waiting for you.”


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