Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 66.4

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Shao Qian was inexplicably stared at by Lin Qing. What was the matter? He just wanted to ask where Yu Yang went. What was this reaction?

“Boss, what do you want to ask?” Lin Qing stared eagerly at Shao Qian. If he knew it, he would definitely answer. He definitely could not let his boss deduct salaries.

“Where did Yu Yang go?” Shao Qian slightly raised his eyebrows. “Don’t tell me you two don’t know him.”

After Yu Yang left, these two kids came here. If he couldn’t guess that there was something fishy among them, having a brain was in vain.

Lin Qing was conflicted. He felt if he betrayed Yu Yang, his bonus might not be guaranteed. After pondering, he looked at Shao Qian with expectant eyes. “Boss, we don’t know that bastard or you can lock Lin Mu in a dark room. I’ll guard the door for you.”

Lin Qing calculated well. Guarding Lin Mu in the dark room, he could talk to Lin Mu through the door. He didn’t expose Yu Yang’s whereabouts, his money wasn’t deducted, and Lin Mu didn’t need to be afraid. This was killing three birds with one stone.

How could Shao Qian be so easily fooled? He coldly smiled, “Am I that easy to fool? Tell me everything you know. Otherwise, it’s not about one person’s salary.”

“Yu Yang went to negotiate with someone.” Lin Qing immediately betrayed Yu Yang. “I don’t know the details but I can provide a phone number.”

Lin Qing, you’re really good. You sold Yu Yang directly like that. He would surely thank you later.

Shao Qian immediately dialed Yu Yang’s number with Lin Qing’s phone. That guy always made him feel a bit silly. He went to negotiate with others. What could he do if he was deceived?

Yu Yang’s phone rang as he reached Hong Ye’s [old gentleman]. He saw it was Lin Qing’s number and immediately frowned. Wasn’t Lin Qing guarding his baby? Did something happen?

Thinking of this possibility, Yu Yang turned anxious. He just came out for some meetings and his baby was in trouble?

“What is it?” Yu Yang was always cold outside. Even if his heart was anxious, he didn’t show a bit of it on his face.

“Where are you?” Shao Qian went straight to the point. “I woke up this morning and found there was no one in bed. I thought you ran away after eating.”


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