Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 66.3

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Shao Qian read the note several times. He finally let out a cold snort and put the note under the pillow. Since you were considerate, I won’t bother with it this time.

However, he couldn’t let that little rascal stealing alcohol downstairs off so easily. If remembered correctly, that little rascal’s ID said he was sixteen years old. A little rascal who just graduated from high school dared to drink alcohol. If I didn’t teach you a good less, I would be sorry to myself.

When Shao Qian got up, he felt all the bones in his body aching. When he moved his arms and back, he heard the “pak” his bones were making.

This feeling was really unpleasant. After he put on his clothes, Shao Qian remembered he could use soul power to alleviate his pain. He had been with those two guys too long that his own IQ deteriorated.

After removing the soreness from his body, Shao Qian felt full of vigor. He washed up and opened the door. He walked soundlessly so when he arrived behind Lin Mu, the child didn’t even react.

When the spiciness of the liquor dissipated under his tongue and his ears were pinched up, Lin Mu said, “Ouch, ouch, ouch. Who dares to grab this young master’s ears? Do you know who this young master is?”

“I know who you are.” Shao Qian put the glass in his hand aside. “Little Mu, you’re really capable. You dare to steal your boss’ liquor.”

Lin Mu’s face changed quickly. His right hand, that was about to launch a sneak attack, touched Shao Qian’s hand. He kept touching until Shao Qian got goose bumps. “Boss~”

Lin Mu calling him made Shao Qian’s goose bumps alleviate a little. “Speak honestly.”

“Okay. Boss, I’ve tasted for you. The alcohol in our shop isn’t too bad. They’re sure to sell for a good price.” He nodded his head seriously.

Shao Qian raised his eyebrows. “I’ll ask you a question. If you answer it well, I won’t pursue this matter. If you don’t answer well, be careful about your salary.”

Lin Mu let out a sigh of relief. It doesn’t matter what the boss asked. He wasn’t in charge of his own money. Even if his salary was deducted, he didn’t need to worry about it.

He was relieved but Lin Qing’s ear perked up. He stood up and walked over to Shao Qian. He didn’t speak but stared silently at Shao Qian.


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