Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 66.2

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“You’re ruthless.” Lin Mu furiously rolled his eyes. “Wait for Laozi. Believe it or not, I can make it so that you can’t get into the boss’s bed.”

Yu Yang didn’t get angry. He seemed to carelessly straighten his collar. Then he
“carelessly” revealed more kiss marks. Then he swaggered off, leaving Lin Mu struck dumb with astonishment. Of course, before leaving, he didn’t forget to tell them the truth of why he had them come: “My baby is still sleeping. Don’t disturb him. Guard the door. Don’t let anyone in. Otherwise, be careful of your bonuses.”

After Yu Yang’s car drove off, Lin Mu gnashed his teeth at Lin Qing. “You’re right. We should kill that kind of guy.”

Lin Qing was fully awake now. He took the key from Lin Mu’s hand and opened the door into the bar. “I have no opinion on killing Yu Yang. But do you know how to make money? Do you know how to make money grow? Do you have a brain that can harm someone? Do you have any use other than eating, sleeping, and spending money?”

Every time Lin Qing asked a question, Lin Mu’s head shrunk lower. After Lin Qing finished asking, Lin Mu was almost on the ground. The most pitiful child was an unloved one. Especially the pitiful him, who took blows from both biological brothers back-to-back.

They locked the door after entering the bar. The bar was in the same situation as last night. There was no change. Lin Qing sighed and asked Lin Mu to start cleaning up the tables and chairs.

As he was about to finish cleaning, Lin Mu suddenly stopped moving. He piled several table legs together messily. Hanging them on the wall didn’t seem too bad an idea.

“Qingzi [how Lin Mu calls Lin Qing], pick up all the table legs that can be used.” When Lin Mu was not airheaded, Lin Qing was quite willing to listen to what he said. It was to the point where he basically did whatever Lin Mu told him to do.

Therefore, the tables and chairs that were originally to be discarded were recycled by Lin Mu.

Yu Yang hadn’t left for a long time before Shao Qian woke up. He looked at the time. It was just over seven in the morning. He moved his arm a little and his aching body began to protest.

How happy they were last night was how much Shao Qian wanted to beat up his Shao Qian’s old flirtatious self. How suicidal was he last night to tease that virgin?

But since he stirred him up, where was that dead guy now? Shao Qian’s soul power spread over the whole bar. He only saw Lin Mu, who was sneaking alcohol, sitting in front of the bar, and Lin Qing, who was honestly drinking fruit juice.

Shao Qian’s face suddenly turned cold. He didn’t run away after eating, right? If that was the case, he might as well save trouble by ending things with a knife.

But he saw the note left on the table after he stood up. There were two simple sentences on it: “Went out because of urgent business. Have a good rest.”


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