Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 66.1

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Lin Qing sat up quickly with a black face. He grabbed the pillow on the bed and threw it on the ground. “Laozi [I, used arrogantly or jocularly] wants to kill his brother.”

“He already killed his father. I don’t think he would mind you wanting to kill him.” Lin Mu threw clothes at Lin Qing’s face. “Brother, hurry up. The old man already died. If you don’t listen to him, who will pay our bonuses?”

Lin Mu naturally had a way to deal with Lin Qing’s heavy waking-up energy. Lin Qing likes money. Although he was not the kind of person who would do anything for money, but he would certainly not give up the yearly bonus he should rightfully get.

He couldn’t but sigh with emotion. It must be said that Yu Yang really knew how to catch people’s weaknesses. He clearly knew the two brothers hated him. But he deliberately had them work under him. This was just one of the ways Yu Yang controlled people.

Moreover, although the Lin brothers had a different surname from Yu Yang, they did share half of the same blood. He naturally couldn’t be too harsh on his own half-brothers.

If the Lin brothers knew Yu Yang thought this way, they would certainly laugh at him. Laozi had the same blood as you, so why didn’t you directly send us to the police? Don’t mention blood relationships with Yu Yang. It couldn’t be relied on.

The Lin brothers couldn’t care about washing up. They grabbed the washing stuff and rushed out of the house. The two didn’t live too far from the bar. If they ran at full speed, it should be no problem for them to arrive in ten minutes. So, this was the time limit Yu Yang gave them, after calculation.

The bodyguard at the door saw two youngsters not properly dressed rushing over. He was about to block them, but was stopped by the leader.

“Yo, why are two young masters running so urgently?” The leading bodyguard was one of the orphans adopted by the gang. He had been brainwashed by them since childhood. Only the new Laoda of the gang was the person they would be loyal to.

But, this leader was someone Yu Yang’s mother sent over to Yu Yang since childhood. He only listened to Yu Yang’s orders. So, in the end, he was different from other bodyguards.

“Zhang… Zhang Ge,” Lin Mu threw himself at Zhang Yin. “You… what do you think Laoda asked us to do?”

“Ask your big brother.” Zhang Yin picked the man up and threw him at Lin Qing. Then he called and informed Yu Yang that the two young masters were here.

About two minutes later, Yu Yang opened the door. He had put on his clothes at this time. However, the kiss marks on his neck could not be covered.

“Brother, you’re my biological brother.” Lin Mu didn’t dare to throw himself at Yu Yang. The last time he pounced on Yu Yang, he was kicked really far away. Since then, he never sought suffering again.

“We only have 50% of the same bloodline. Whether you’re really my biological brother remains to be verified.” Yu Yang handed the key in his hands to Lin Mu. “Take care of the shop. Don’t let anyone in. Otherwise, be careful that I will throw Lin Qing to the training camp.”

How should one speak of the Lin brothers? Lin Qing really liked money. Although he didn’t accept everyone’s money, if it didn’t violate his bottom line, he would take the money. But although Lin Mu seemed careless and sloppy normally, in fact, he was the most inseparable from Lin Qing. Without Lin Qing around, he wouldn’t take a step away.

Since the Lin Qing who really liked money fell into Yu Yang’s hands, he didn’t receive a penny from others. It could be seen that the Lin brothers were tightly controlled by Yu Yang.


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