Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 65.4

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After washing Shao Qian, Yu Yang stripped the bed covers and sheets and replaced them with new ones. Then he carried the person lying on the sofa to the bed and put the quilt over him. It was now past seven o’clock. It was normal to have breakfast. Yu Yang called the bodyguard who was guarding the door on the phone and told them to buy two breakfasts. He specifically asked for plain congee.

The bodyguard who was watching the bar door all night outside looked at the door in surprise. He didn’t expect that the owner of this bar really conquered his Laoda [big brother, aka the boss Yu Yang]? It must be said, his Laoda was an exotic flower who could throw out naked men and woman who presented themselves to him from his bed.

He bought the breakfasts Laoda wanted at the fastest speed. He called Laoda on the phone downstairs. A half-naked Laoda opened the door. He took the things that were in his hands and slammed the door shut behind him.

But in the moment of Yu Yang turning around, the bodyguard saw the scratches on his Laoda’s rugged back.

The bodyguard who grew up with Yu Yang stared straight at the bar door. He thought Yu Yang would be a bachelor his whole life. Unexpectedly, he found a lover? 

Yu Yang brought the food to the second floor. His gaze softened as he saw Shao Qian still sleeping on the bed. He put the congee on the bedside table. He took a small bowlful of it in his hands. He held the person up and leaned him on his chest. He cooled the congee with a spoon and gently leaned it against Shao Qian’s mouth to feed him.

Shao Qian was well served by him. When the spoon reached his mouth, he opened his mouth spontaneously. Although he did not wake up, he still subconsciously swallowed the congee.

After feeding him a small bowl of congee, Yu Yang put the person on the bed and covered him with a quilt. Then he ate the remaining congee and small dishes.

After eating, Yu Yang hesitated a little. He had some important things he must do today, but he was uneasy about his baby sleeping in bed alone.

After thinking for a while, Yu Yang took out his phone and started calling people.

“Hello. Who is this?” The voice of the person who answered the phone sounded unhappy. After all, the mood of a person who was awoken from sleep would not be good.

“Your Laoda.” Yu Yan coldly smiled. “Come to the bar in fifteen minutes or don’t even think about this year’s bonus.”

“The heck…” When Lin Mu heard the word “bonus,” he sat straight up. He hurriedly woke up the Lin Qing who was sleeping next to him. “Quickly, quickly. The big devil wants us at the bar in fifteen minutes or we would lose a year’s bonuses.”


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