Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 65.3

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CLICK HERE FOR A SPOILER/ WARNING!!! There are SLIGHT references to sexual intercourse in this chapter. Please do NOT read if this bothers you!

If this could be tolerated, then Yu Yang was not a man. He couldn’t care about what he said about doing it after marriage. He immediately tore his clothes off and attacked the alluring demon in the bathtub.

“F*ck.” Shao Qian hit the bathtub after Yu Yang tackled him. There was close contact between his head and the sides of the bathtub. It was so painful, tears came to his eyes. He really wanted to throw this guy that didn’t have a sense of priorities outside.

“Baby, you really are an alluring demon.” There wasn’t much to be said about the first time. Even if became an expert every lifetime, it would always be erased and he had to start all over again……

Shao Qian finally knew what it meant to be a villain suffering for his sins. The bathtub was not a good place. In addition, the guy on top of him only knew how to bump against him.

When Yu Yang carried Shao Qian back to the bedroom, Shao Qian was already bruised green and purple. However, the Yu Yang who had just started eating was not so easy to dispatch. After putting the person on the bed, Yu Yang fiercely ate him a few more times.

Shao Qian’s voice was ultimately so hoarse, he couldn’t cry out anymore. His weak right hand thumped Yu Yang’s back to stop him. As a result, Yu Yang mistook his intentions. He buried his head in Shao Qian’s neck and peacefully kissed him. Then he continued working harder.

Shao Qian was lying listlessly on the bed with his eyes on the ceiling. His exhaled breath was full of scorching heat. His voice was hoarse and unable to make a sound. His body swayed as the beast on top wished.

If given another chance to start over, he would definitely let this guy be a eunuch for a lifetime. He would never give him any chance to succeed.

However, the seed he planted, he could only tearfully swallow the fruit. If there were those who sold medicines for regret in the world, please give him a big bottle.

In his dazed consciousness, Shao Qian felt that the beast on top of him did not stop his movements. But he couldn’t even roll his eyes and immediately lost consciousness.

Yu Yang tossed and turned the person until morning. He didn’t exhaust himself but he still stopped. Looking at the traces of green and purple on the lower body, he frowned a bit in distress. Did he overdo it? However, his family’s baby was really irresistible. Even if he wanted to let him off at the end, Shao Qian’s red eyes and weak seductive groans made Yu Yang unable to stop.

Yu Yang lightly pinched his own forehead. He took the person to wash up in the bathroom. While cleaning his body, Yu Yang looked at Shao Qian’s open mouth and felt his throat tighten again. He swallowed his saliva unnaturally and tried hard to remove his line of sight. He couldn’t do it anymore or his baby wouldn’t be able to bear it.

If Shao Qian was conscious he would definitely chuckle. Thank you for letting me off.


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