Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 65.2

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CLICK HERE FOR A SPOILER/ WARNING!!! There are SLIGHT references to sexual intercourse in this chapter. Please do NOT read if this bothers you!

Yu Yang stumbled alongside Shao Qian. He didn’t dare to walk faster. If he walked too fast and stepped on his beloved, his heart would be distressed. But he was as tall as a bull and big as a horse. Being dragged along by someone made him a bit sullen.

Shao Qian didn’t care what Yu Yang was thinking. He directly pulled the person to the temporary upstairs lounge. He locked the door and immediately pushed the person onto the bed. His right leg was lying straight. His left leg was bent and kneeling on the bed. His arms were propped on either sides of his neck. His body enveloped Yu Yang’s body. “Repeat what you said earlier.”

Yu Yang’s throat convulsed twice. Xu An’s clothes were a bit loose. Since he was on top of him, the collar naturally rolled down. He bent down a bit and he could see his white chest and the two…

“You…” Shao Qian’s right leg was bent now. His whole person was sitting on top of Yu Yang. Arms stretched, he slowly leaned forwards. The tip of his nose was almost touching Yu Yang’s. “You really don’t want me?”

Yu Yang was rapidly breathing. He wanted to fall on top of this alluring demon and make him cry out. But his mother’s misfortune made him feel that he could not be so irresponsible. He didn’t want this person to suffer any grievances before marriage.

“Baby, I really want you.” Yu Yang flipped over and pressed Shao Qian down under him. He used every fiber in his body to suppress his urge to tear this person’s clothes off. “But I can wait until the day of the wedding to give it to you. So bear with it, baby.”

“F*ck.” Shao Qian held back for a while and finally couldn’t help but curse out. He kicked Yu Yang to the side and then kicked the bathroom room open and went in.

Instead of taking a cold shower, he masturbated. The bathroom door was not closed. Shao Qian suppressed his voice in the beginning. Then he thought why the heck he was suppressing it. Therefore, the Yu Yang who was trying to calm himself down on the bed heard the sweet moans emitting from the bathroom.

The originally half-soft Little Yang immediately rose up again. Yu Yang fidgeted and clawed his hair. He flipped over on the bed to try to push Little Yang back down.

Only, the one masturbating in the bathroom wouldn’t let Yu Yang off so easily. The sounds were getting louder, as if trying to drown him in sweetness.

Yu Yang’s eyes were a bit red. He jumped up and went to the bathroom. He originally wanted to tell Xu An to be quieter, but the result was that the evildoer had already taken off all his clothes.

Two straight calves were resting on the edge of the bathtub. His hand was slightly trembling. He seemed to be reaching the crucial point. Xu An’s hand movements sped up. The motion of his hand was completely exposed to Yu Yang’s gaze.

From Yu Yang’s angle, he could see the flower bud between the two mounds……


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