Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 65.1

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“Marrying is okay of course.” Shao Qian pulled Yu Yang to sit at the edge of the bar counter. His left leg was between Yu Yang’s legs. His right hand gently touched his Adams’ apple and moved slowly down. “But who is marrying whom?”

“I will marry you.” The finger slipped from his Adam’s apple to his chest. Yu Yang felt the finger must contained strange magic. Why else would the areas the finger slipped by be scorching hot?

“Good boy.” Shao Qian leaned forward. He lightly bit his chin. “Move to my place tomorrow.”

“No need.” Yu Yang couldn’t stand the alluring demon teasing him anymore. He hooked Shao Qian’s waist and breathed heavily into his ear. “I can return with you tonight.”

He was delivering himself to the door. He would undress, bathe, and do everything on the bed. You just need to be responsible for sitting on top.

Of course, Yu Yang did not say these words out loud. After all, they’ve only met for one day. He must leave a good impression for this alluring demon. But what good impression did he still have? He threw away his face every lifetime.

“There’s an empty room upstairs. Do you want to come with me?” Shao Qian gently licked Yu Yang’s earlobe. His words were seductive. “The bed upstairs is very large. I chose it myself.”

Yu Yang’s body had an uncontrollable reaction. He crossed one leg over the other. Then he hugged and kissed Shao Qian. “Wait a week for me, okay?”

Shao Qian raised his eyebrow. Could it be he couldn’t? But there was clearly a reaction down there. Why still wait a week?

“You can’t do it?” Shao Qian’s hands directly pushed the area three inches below Yu Yang’s abdomen. It was hard. There should be no problems.

“……” No man would put up with his beloved saying these words right? But… Yu Yang put up with it. He tightly clutched Shao Qian and fiercely kissed him. “We’ll get married in a week. Shouldn’t this kind of thing be done on the wedding day?”

Very good. This was a strong argument. But how many people actually thought about marriage in this situation? Even if you loathed pornography and drugs, it wasn’t possible you’ve never had contact with this sort of thing, right?

“You win,” Shao Qian said, gritting his teeth. He went and locked the bar door. Then he dragged Yu Yang by his tie and pulled him upstairs.


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