Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 64.4

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Yu Yang looked at the barely breathing Chang Ge and frowned. He threw the bloody table leg to the floor. He took a handkerchief out of his pocket and rubbed it against his palm. “Take him and scram.”

The few people did want to go to Chang Ge’s side. They just watched this demon smashed Chang Ge’s fingers into a bloody pulp. If they went over, would they suffer the same fate as Chang Ge?

“Take the person and scram or you would never leave here.” Shao Qian went over to Yu Yang and coldly looked at the few people. “I am very clear with gratitude and grudges. You and I have no grudge. I naturally won’t bother you.”

The man who had been beaten earlier turned pale. He gulped and took a few steps back. When he encountered the bar’s door, he directly opened the door and rushed outside. He wanted to leave this hellhole. If stayed there, he would die.

But, before he left, he would find that person and get the rest of the money. It had to be said that people die for money and birds die for food. This person obviously saw Yu Yang beating Chang Ge and still thought about getting the rest of the money. This was considered as wanting money but not one’s own life.

Finally, two people were pushed out to retrieve Chang Ge. The two shivered and went in front of Yu Yang. They carried Chang Ge away under his cold gaze.

In a moment, the bar returned to being quiet. Yu Yang turned and looked seriously at Shao Qian. “You saved me earlier.”

“So?” Shao Qian raised his eyebrow. He wouldn’t say he would marry him in gratitude next, right?

“I have no way to repay your life-saving grace. I’ll devote my life to you and marry you. What do you think?” Yu Yang said, with his right hand in his pants pocket. Of course, he was clear that this person wouldn’t agree. If this person didn’t agree to his conditions, then he could justifiably bring this person to the already-prepared house. To see a beautiful kitten every day was a very attractive idea.

Shao Qian couldn’t help but laugh out loud. He really did have strange traits. Was it really good for that cold-hearted, shady, big brother to have his image collapse like this?

Yu Yang’s hand in his pocket clenched. This person actually laughed so attractively. He must let him out of the house less in the future so whatever cats and dogs wouldn’t catch sight of him. Although Yu Yang didn’t care about those whatever people, but thinking of others thinking of his beloved, put him in a bad mood.


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