Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 64.3

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Although Shao Qian had always looked at Yu Yang, his perspective did not let go of Chang Ge. Seeing him about to pull the trigger on his raised gun, Shao Qian grabbed the decorative glass bottle on the bar and threw it.

The glass bottle hit Chang Ge’s hand as he was about to pull the trigger. Subsequently, the colored bar lights overhead were shot.

Yu Yang’s face changed. He was really careless. He thought this little nobody wouldn’t make any big waves. He didn’t think he would have a gun in his hand.

“Be careful.” Shao Qian’s body sat straight up. “Underestimating the enemy can be fatal.”

“You’re right.” Yu Yang kicked a table towards the Chang Ge who was running for the gun. As Chang Ge was about to grab the gun, a stick smashed into his hand. Listening to his desperate, painful howls made Yu Yang frown. Then a table leg directly smashed into Chang Ge’s head.

Chang Ge fainted from this smash. Yu Yang kicked the gun away. He mercilessly smashed into Chang Ge’s right hand that held the gun.

They said that the ten fingers linked to the heart. Yu Yang used great force smashing Chang Ge’s fingers. Two were directly broken. The pain made the originally unconscious Chang Ge wake up.

Shao Qian looked calmly at Yu Yang breaking Chang Ge’s fingers one by one. The people Chang Ge brought over shivered some more. They were afraid the next one to suffer would be himself.

“It seems like he won’t make it anymore.” Shao Qian heard Chang Ge’s cries growing softer and cautioned. “Did you hit him too hard on the head?”


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