Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 64.2

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“Boss, I shouldn’t have been deceived by others. Boss, please forgive me this time.” Chang Ge bowed his head and hid his hate-filled face. One day, he must surpass this Yu Yang and let Yu Yang crawl from under his crotch.

Yu Yang was a wolf who could tolerate silently and was originally good at disguising himself. How could he not see through someone’s disguise? With one glance, he could tell that this Chang Ge was trash saying one thing, but meaning another.

“Your tongue is not bad. Why don’t you stay and let me take a look?” Yu Yang deliberately lowered his voice. It really made people tremble all over. The people who followed Chang Ge here were already too scared to move by this turn of events. At this time, listening to the two’s conversation, they were even more scared to make a sound.

“Don’t dirty my place.” Shao Qian was sitting on a bar stool. His body was propped against the bar counter. “Take him outside if you want to teach him a lesson.”

Yu Yang slightly tilted his head to look at the person sitting on the bar stool. His legs were propped on the bar stool and his straight back leaned against the bar. This kind of Xu An looked even more enticing. Yu Yang even felt an urge to uncontrollably fall down.

Chang Ge did not hear Yu Yang speak for a long time. He looked up with fear and trepidation to see Yu Yang’s expression. Who knew as he turned his head, he saw Yu Yang looking entranced at the evildoer.

A trace of ruthlessness flashed across Chang Ge’s eyes as he saw this situation. This Yu Yang was just a gongzi [son of nobility] protected by bodyguards. He looked like he had no strength in that body. He [Chang Ge] had all these people with him. Could he not settle this useless rich gongzi?

The more Chang Ge thought, the more he was convinced. He quietly pulled out the gun he bought at a high price. He flipped off the safety catch and pointed it at Yu Yang. He was prepared to pull the trigger.


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